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Skift: TripAdvisor Expands Subscription Business Into Restaurants

Restaurants can now subscribe to TripAdvisor for online reservations and consumer engagement.

TripAdvisor announced today its move to further monetize its 4.2 million restaurant listings launching a new subscription service for dining establishments. The subscriptions features will include dining reservations, soon-to-be “storyboards” and visitor analytics.

“While investors and observers are rightfully focused on how TripAdvisor’s transition to a hotel booking site will work out, the company has some meaningful hedges in the form of vacation rentals, tours and activities, and restaurants,” said Skift founding and executive editor Dennis Schaal. “Collecting monthly and annual fees is a very material part of the overall business and will likely become even more so.”

According to TripAdvisor vice president of industry marketing, Heather Leisman, the travel app and website saw an uptick in engagement among locals as well as travelers, which is part of what led the company to further focus on restaurants listings.

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