Smoothie King Continues Focus on New Units Amid Strong Same-Store Sales Growth
Smoothie King Continues Focus on New Units Amid Strong Same-Store Sales Growth

Rampant growth shows no signs of slowing for smoothie innovator.

As Smoothie King continues to raise the bar on same-store sales, the franchise is also gearing up for significant new unit growth. The New Orleans-based smoothie innovator already tallies over 700 locations worldwide, but that number keeps ticking higher and higher thanks to attractive sales, loyal customers and, most importantly, passionate franchisees.

“Smoothie King had a huge year in 2014, and we’re thrilled the momentum has continued into 2015,” Dan Hannah, vice president of international and domestic business development for Smoothie King, said. “Growth like this is what will allow us to hit 1,000 locations by 2017 and help spread our message of a healthy, active lifestyle across the U.S. and abroad.”

Sales growth has been strong and steady for the smoothie slingers, whose first quarter saw a sizable growth in sales, with same-store sales increasing 10.4 percent higher on an annual basis. That momentum has continued into Q2 and shows no signs of slowing.

“There’s not one magic answer that’s pushed the needle. It’s been a combination of our new product launches, marketing initiatives and passionate franchisees,” Smoothie King Franchise Development Manager Chad Tramuta said.

While this growth is a huge achievement for Smoothie King, the franchise has loftier milestones on the horizon, like its goal of opening 1,000 units by 2017.

“We have more franchisees than ever expressing interest in growth,” said Stephen Foley, franchise development manager at Smoothie King. “We attribute that to confidence in our brand, from the product to the entire team. The overall excitement is at an all-time high.”

With steady sales growth and a forecast for a thriving future, it seems that Smoothie King has found its recipe for success. The smoothie innovator has been one of America’s best kept secrets for some time, but as Tramuta put it, “The secret’s out.”