Snacks Instead of Meals Could Win Over Millennials
Snacks Instead of Meals Could Win Over Millennials

Research shows young people are on the hunt for between-meal eats.

New data from The NPD Group showed that Generations X, Y and Z all snack more than their older counterparts, often between meals and sometimes instead of eating a meal at all. At the same time, these individuals are drawn toward more healthful snacks.

“Snacking today is a prevalent behavior and there is an opportunity in every snack category for manufacturers to call out the specific health benefits — from desirable ingredients to clean labeling,” Darren Seifer, food and beverage industry analyst, was quoted as saying by Candy Industry.

Franchise brands can take advantage of this trend by expanding menus with more snack options, such as smaller, more affordable food items that stand alone instead of come as part of a meal. Items that promote greater health through lean protein, vegetables and fruits with reduced sugar and natural ingredients would be especially popular.

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