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How Sobelmans Pub & Grill’s Strong Relationship with Consumers Catapulted the Brand from a Milwaukee Mainstay to a Nationally Recognized Concept

Sobelmans’ signature burgers, Bloody Marys and cheeseballs—along with its exceptional customer service—are known across the country as being the best in the business.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 3:15PM 07/24/17

A lot has changed for Sobelmans Pub & Grill over the course of the past year. From launching a business ownership opportunity and successfully opening two franchised restaurants to ensuring that each one of the brand’s locations comes with its own unique character, the concept has broken into new communities while staying true to its core values. But even though Sobelmans has evolved and grown with the help of its franchisees, the brand has always ensured that its relationships with consumers are a top priority.

“Of course, as a franchisor, it’s our responsibility to set our local owners up for success by providing them with the tools and resources that they need. But at the end of the day, it’s our strong brand awareness and positive relationships with our customers that helps our franchisees be profitable,” said founder Dave Sobelman. “We go above and beyond to ensure that Sobelmans stands out from the crowd, especially as the burger segment of the restaurant franchising industry continues to become more crowded.”

What first stands out to consumers—and prospective business owners—about Sobelmans is its unrivaled menu. The brand revolutionized the burger and Bloody Mary business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ultimately starting a nationwide trend that’s still showing no signs of slowing down. Sobelmans’ Bloody Marys are even famous—the brand’s drink that’s topped with shrimp, Polish sausage, cheese, pickled asparagus, celery, a burger and even an entire fried chicken is sought out by locals and tourists alike. And every item that’s served at Sobelmans is presented with a smile, creating the family-friendly atmosphere that consumers are craving.

Beyond its top quality food and customer service, Sobelmans also distinguishes itself through its connection to the local communities that it calls home. The brand’s franchisees have the flexibility to adjust their menus to cater to its specific target audience, and are each located in a one of a kind, historic building that provides a level of individuality similar to that of a classic car. And Sobelmans also makes an effort to give back—the brand works closely with organizations like the ALS Association to participate in seasonal fundraisers and give away food for a cause.

“No matter how big the Sobelmans brand becomes, we will always make an effort to support the local communities that continue to support us. That’s why we dedicated a big part of our new national marketing fund to Sobelmans Gives Back—instead of spending money solely on traditional advertising, we want to use that fund to support charities and non-profits,” said Sobelman. “We recognize that every community is unique, which is why we give our franchisees the power to tweak their restaurants. That’s something that’s not found anywhere else in the franchising industry, and consumers are definitely taking notice.”

As Sobelmans continues building on its impressive momentum, it’s committed to continuously enhancing its dining experience for every person that walks through its doors. By perfecting its approach to making burgers to ensuring that its standards for excellence are upheld across its entire franchise system, the brand is confident that its relationship with consumers will only get stronger in the months and years ahead.

“Nobody focused on burgers and Bloody Marys until Sobelmans first opened its doors for business. Even though there are tons of concepts out there that are trying to mimic our style, it’s clear that we’re the innovators behind the trend,” said Sobelman. “We’re proud of our position as a leader, and we’re not planning to stray away from that part of our identity. By listening to our franchisees, employees and customers, we’re going to solidify Sobelmans’ spot as the burger brand to beat.”