Social 25: These Franchise Brands Own Social Media
Social 25: These Franchise Brands Own Social Media

Part 3: Start-up franchise brands with one to 24 locations.

These franchises may be at the cusp of expansion, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be keeping an eye on them. These 25 start-up franchise brands are using social media to connect with fans and future franchisees. Let us know what you think of the Social Media 25 Power Ranking list for start-up brands and what you think about their social media presence in the comment section below.

Your Pie

At Your Pie each and every customer has the ability to build the pizza of their dreams, and the brand’s social media pages keep hearts wonting for more cheesy goodness. With a little less than 20,000 Facebook fans, the brand does a great job highlighting fan creativity with plentiful amounts of user-generated content (UGC). The brand also creates fanciful shareable images that highlight menu items and regularly runs contests on the page.

Famous Toastery

From where the South Carolina-based chain is looking, breakfast has never looked better. Famous Toastery uses their social footprint to keep consumers up-to-date on daily specials. This makes their social pages a regular destination for information and engagement. In addition to the menu updates, Famous Toastery invites fans to join the conversation by posting fun imagery and engaging questions.


25,000 Facebook fans can’t be wrong about GYMGUYZ. The mobile personal training and fitness franchise company brings the gym to their fans, making fitness more accessible than ever before. The franchise brand showcases that user-friendliness by posting information on franchising, inspirational quotes and fun photos from different GYMGUYZ franchises.

Bee & Tea

Bee & Tea is bringing boba tea front and center one post, tweet and Instagram at a time. The brand relies heavily on UGC to showcase their product and stores. This method is a great way to recognize fans that interact with the brand while giving newcomers a real-life glimpse at the product. It’s a great way to get customers comfortable with the traditional Taiwanese pearl milk tea beverage.

Rainbow Station, Inc.

If you want to know what’s chugging through Rainbow Station, Inc., be sure to check out their social media pages. The child daycare center does a bang-up job of informing fans and customers about their services by sharing photos from an array of franchise locations. This is a great way to highlight their services while flaunting how much fun they’re having.

Bottle & Bottega

In addition to providing fans with more information about the arty party, masterminds, Bottle & Bottega has made their social presence all about making life a party. The franchise brand posts event announcements, candid photos and internet memes to consistently engage fans.

French Fry Heaven

The humble potato is the star of the show on the French Fry Heaven social media pages. The brand showcases their products by utilizing playful photography. French Fry Heaven also streamlines information for prospective franchisees on their socials by posting relevant franchising information.

The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge uses their social media sites to connect with fans and showcase their product and services. Dramatic before-and-after pics and posts with a young, fanciful point-of-view make Lash Lounge a page to watch. This is a surefire way to give fans reassurance regarding the product and allows them to learn more about their services.

Burger 21

Topnotch food photography and witty posts make the Burger 21 social sites a go-to web destination for consumers. The brand puts their best foot forward by using quality food shots to highlight their products and encourage fans to engage with the brand. In addition, the brand regularly highlights new franchise openings to keep prospective franchisees in the loop.

Elevation Burger

It’s time to elevate your burger experience—that’s exactly what Elevation Burger is doing on their social media channels. The brand interweaves stellar photography with contests and promotional content to elevate consumers’ engagement and awareness. (See what we did there?) Another strong point of Elevation Burgers’ page is their attention payed toward secured press, which gives fans a glimpse into the brand and casts the burger chain in a positive light.


GameTruck brings the fun to birthday parties, and it’s no different on their social media pages. The brand posts general information about the business along with enjoyable movie trailers as well as gaming and entertainment news updates. These posts allow consumers to stay involved with the industry and keep GameTruck on their minds all year long, not just when a birthday rolls around.

We Olive

The We Olive social pages brandish the brand’s love for olives as much as their franchise locations. We Olive does a great job of highlighting their franchise locations by talking about openings, awards and other interesting information both fans and potential franchisees O-love to see.

HandyPro International

If you need help with a household project look no further than the HandyPro International page. The brand showcases the brand’s latest projects and offers up tips on how to get the most out of home ownership. By bringing consumers one step closer to the home of their dreams, HandyPro appeals to both the restoration rookie and the homeware hotshot.


The Falafill social pages feature plenty of delightful photos of their fresh-made Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food to keep fans hungry for more. The images on the page highlight a slew of regular menu items and Falafill’s signature mezza bar along with brand photography and UGC. Consistently showcasing menu items gets fans enticed and planning their next Falafill run.

Safe Ship

The social media pages for Safe Ship are chockfull of posts presenting what the brand does for both consumers and the local community. From fun packing projects to shipping partner spotlights, Safe Ship keeps it lighthearted on social media. The page also reflects Safe Ship’s philanthropic feel by informing fans about the brand’s charitable contributions, like their shipping efforts and discounts to Nepal during the devastating earthquake in 2015.

VooDoo BBQ & Grill

You don’t have to be a pit master to “like” the VooDoo BBQ & Grill social media sites. The New Orleans-style barbecue franchise is putting their products front and center, and it’s been a hit. Mouthwatering photos and vivid images highlight the brand’s fun and fearless attitude on social media. That’s not all the meat and potatoes, though—the brand makes sure to highlight new locations and new placements for the brand.

Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care

Cute dogs and killer cars reign supreme on the Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care social sites. The dog care franchise has no shortage of fan-worthy material to post on their social media pages. Regular photo updates brimming with personality resonates with consumers and flaunts their canine clientele.

Tide Dry Cleaners

Fantastic shareable images and a familiar brand name give the Tide Dry Cleaners social media channels an undeniable edge. With backing from the famed Tide Company, the dry cleaning franchise has gotten a great push for brand recognition on social media. Tide Dry Cleaners complements their brand recognition with well-made, shareable images celebrating fun holidays, stellar updates and cute seasonal photos to engage fans.

Zippy Shell Self Storage & Moving

If you’re looking for advice on home renovation or moving, look no further than the Zippy Shell Self Storage & Moving social pages. The franchise brand shares informative blog posts on their page to help their consumers optimize their moving strategy and maximize their home storage space. This makes the pages a great resource for fans and gives them incentive to follow the brand.

Maui Tacos

It’s time to embrace the island vibes at Maui Tacos. The brand uses tranquil photos and clever posts to highlight their products and bring a bit of the island lifestyle to users’ feeds. Maui Tacos does a great job of getting customers to start planning their next taco trip, not to mention their next tropical getaway.

Woof Gang Bakery

No bones about it—the Woof Gang Bakery pages cater to dog owners. The brand does a paw-some job of integrating their products and services throughout the page. They keep the tone lighthearted with photos of four-legged fans and their owners. It’s a great way to showcase that the brand is about balancing first-rate service with a little tail-wagging fun.

Palm Beach Vapors

Upon visiting Palm Beach Vapors’ Facebook page, it’s not hard to notice that they don’t push their products on fans. In addition to highlighting their array of e-cigarette juices and their customizable flavors, the brand implores fans to kick the nic habit. From sharing helpful quitting guides to showcasing new products making e-cigarettes safer, Palm Beach Vapors is all about creating a bond with consumers so they can stop smoking and live longer, healthier lives.

Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion’s social media pages aren’t just informative; they act as a visual menu for the brand. With no shortage of delectable product shots, each Pizza Fusion item looks more delicious than the last—a great way to market their product to hungry fans.

Savory Spice Shop

Variety is the spice of life, and Savory Spice Shop has plenty of is on their social media pages, where food is the star. The brand utilizes original blog posts, article links and stunning photography in their posts to inspire fans to create their own delicious masterpieces with the help of Savory Spice Shop.

V’s Barbershop

The classic barbershop gets a modern update on V’s Barbershop’s social media pages. Their social media channels bring the old-school barbershop vibe to the interwebs by doling out tips and articles about men’s grooming. It’s a great way to build up brand awareness while positioning V’s Barbershop as an industry expert to fans and potential franchisees alike.