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Social Geek Radio: IFA President and CEO Robert Cresanti Shares His Expectations for 2017

Robert Cresanti joins this week’s Social Geek Radio podcast to discuss the political effects of 2016’s presidential election.

The past fews months have been ripe with industry-changing news and speculation as to what will happen in franchising under a new president. Issues like minimum wage, overtime and health care have been under a microscope as those in the franchising industry brace for, what’s sure to be, major adjustments in 2017.

This week, IFA president and CEO Robert Cresanti spoke with the hosts of Social Geek Radio to discuss some misunderstandings about franchising as an industry, as well as what he is expecting, and hoping for, in the new year.

“There’s an immediate impulse on behalf of people to reach for the fast food industry in franchising,” Cresanti said of misperceptions about the industry. “But we’ve been so many different franchises and businesses. The gamot of this industry to me is shocking and surprising… I feel like we have an incredible amount of headroom for growth.”

Spending the past year speaking with countless franchisors and franchisees, Cresanti also shared the feelings many within the industry are experiencing as they prepare for a Trump presidency.

“This election was a watershed,” said Cresanti. “I think everyone in their minds, including me, was completely fixated on four more years of the past eight years… Overnight, in an election that I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor from, we’ve had a seat change. I’ve seen all sorts of reactions to this… The people who’ve had time to consider the beginnings to these changes, they’re assessment is that we’re in for significant change and there’s hope, in many cases, and opportunities for us to be heard.”

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