Just Facebook and Nothing Else?
Just Facebook and Nothing Else?

Will we need any other site, app, or tool other than Facebook someday?

In the distant future … like 18 months from now … we may look back fondly on this year as the time when we went to places on the internet other than Facebook.

We may also get a sense of nostalgia about other apps on our phones that are not Facebook or owned by Facebook.

Will we need anything else? Maybe not. And perhaps we’re already closer than you may think to a Just Facebook world:

Facebook Entity:                                        What It’s Replaced / Replacing:

Facebook Messenger                                Texting

Facebook’s What’s App                            Texting

Facebook Ads                                              Advertising anywhere else

Facebook’s Instagram                               Snapchat

Facebook’s Workplace                              Slack, Instant Messaging, Your intranet

Facebook Marketplace                              eBay

Facebook Live                                              Periscope, YouTube

and most importantly:

Posts from your Business Page              Website for your brand

Posts from your Locations’ Pages           All web pages for your entire organization


Website? What’s a Website?

If you serve up the right content to your customers in their own Facebook newsfeed, the need for them to click through to your website is minimized.

Are you trying to build traffic to your website or traffic into your business? Too many marketers have focused on web traffic for the sake of web traffic and sidestepped the obvious need to also make the cash register ring.

Some people will still click through to your site or landing page to confirm, but that’s fine. They are going to call / order / stop in / purchase anyway, so let them do so in the manner which makes them most comfortable.


The One Page That Will Still Matter: Google SERP

A similar argument may be made to grab those potential customers who search for the services you offer. If your phone number, hours, food menu, and map to your storefront are all on the Google search engine results page, do they really need to go to your website?

I’m not at all suggesting that you pull the plug on your website or ignore the need to keep it relevant. I suggest the opposite; good, fresh content on your site is more essential than ever to ensure that you show up on Google in the first place and have a full online experience for those who want more than Just Facebook.


Jack Monson is the Director of Digital Strategy at Qiigo and can be reached via [email protected]