STEM and Franchising!
STEM and Franchising!

Dori Roberts Founder of Engineering 4 Kids joins Social Geek Radio. Engineering For Kids began when Dori noticed that there was a lack of engineering programs in the area to enroll her then 6 and 8-year-old children.

Engineering For Kids comes from the mind of educator Dori Roberts. With an extensive educational background in math and technology education, Roberts taught engineering at the high school level for 11 years. During her teaching career, she saw a dire need for math, science and engineering programs. To fill this void, she started an afterschool club that participated in various engineering and science-based competitions.

After membership hit 180 students and the group won multiple state championships, she decided to tailor the program and apply it to a wider age demographic. With the extremely positive response she received from parents and administrators, Roberts saw a great business opportunity, leaving the teaching profession and devoting 100 percent of her time to developing the Engineering For Kids franchise program. In just five years, Dori grew the brand to 150 franchise locations and locations in 26 countries!