What Is Twitter Now?
What Is Twitter Now?

Twitter may no longer be a channel for Social Media Marketing.

Each week marketers talk about the latest new feature on Facebook and
how they might use that feature to push their brand forward. We’re also
frequently talking about Instagram, Snapchat, and a couple of revolving

But many marketers are no longer talking about Twitter, or at least
not as much as they were just two years ago. Lately most mentions of
Twitter lead to conversations about the company itself and not how
marketers are actually using it. Everyone wants to share ideas on the
Twitter’s challenges, share price, and CEO rather than how they’re
telling their own story on Twitter.


If Twitter’s not Social Media, what is it?

It’s News

As of last week, Twitter is listed as a News app in the iTunes store and is no longer categorized as a social media app.

I’ve always thought of Twitter as a news distribution channel. It
looks like Twitter and Apple finally agree. The smartest Public
Relations execs were releasing official news and statements on Twitter
as far back as 2008.

If your side of the story is not coming up in Twitter searches, it’s
just as inexcusable as not being seen on Google search results. Get to

It’s a Link Library

Twitter is to articles and blog posts what YouTube is to videos. It’s
a vast vault of searchable content. Note, YouTube is also not really
“Social” anymore, unless you count engaging with trolls…  

It’s a Customer Service platform

You can complain on your Facebook page all day about Brand X, but
Brand X will never see it. You can complain on Brand X’s Facebook page
all day and perhaps no other customers will see it. Tweet once and
anyone paying attention will see it. Then the response clock starts

It’s the place to “Also Share” your social media posts

Twitter may not be the center stage for your content marketing, but
it is a main gate. All social platforms must enable one-click Tweeting
of your article, blog post, update, video, image, pin, story, audio
clip, or future type of content. Even if you think most of your target
audience is not active on Twitter, remember the Link Library idea above
and make your content easy to find in any future Twitter search.