One Community; One Purpose; One Solcioty: New Fitness Studio Turns One Hour Interval Training Class into a Movement | 1851 Franchise
One Community; One Purpose; One Solcioty: New Fitness Studio Turns One Hour Interval Training Class into a Movement
One Community; One Purpose; One Solcioty: New Fitness Studio Turns One Hour Interval Training Class into a Movement

Backed by science, and its fans, Solcioty’s workout aims to be the best - and most fun - combination of training for its members’ muscle, heart and performance

You have tried it all. You have taken the classes, bought the books, the videos, the memberships and the trainers. Nothing seemed to work. If it had its fifteen minutes of fitness fame, you tried it, and now it is yesterday’s news. You enjoyed it, but it never lasted. It gave you hope and a few small results, but it faded away. So you’ve been searching for the answer. You need the answer, the thing, or the place, where you can belong and finally achieve those ever elusive fitness goals. You wonder if such a place exists. Finally, it appears. A Solcioty. But what is it? It is your final fitness destination. It is inspiration. It is hope. It is fun. It is results. It is the secret sauce. Solcioty is a community. Solcioty is you.

The above statement is Solcioty’s “reason to be.” Designed for moms, runners, professionals, athletes and beginners, its goal is fun and community, with improved fitness as a great side effect.

“People want direction and results and most people get neither wandering around a 50,000 square foot health club. At Solcioty fitness, our members get both. They get the direction they need in a fun, upbeat environment and results they can see,” said President Justin Kanawyer. “Here, they know you by first name, give you high five’s and help you build accomplishments. We provide a motivating environment with the structure and accountability most people lack in their fitness routine. Fitness no longer becomes a chore and our members get real results that they can measure.

Solcioty describes itself as a group of unique individuals who, together, rise as a fitness community where personal growth is encouraged, supported and rewarded. Backed by science, Solcioty’s workout claims to be the best combination of training for its members’ muscle, heart and performance. Wearing a heart rate monitor, a TV screen shows how many calories each individual burns and if their heart rate is in the correct zone.  The idea is that seeing one’s name up on the screen with the rest of the class, it's hard not to push oneself to one’s limits. The side effect - getting in shape! The company’s goal is for the hour to feel likes it goes by so fast that members will want to come back again and again.

Kanawyer asserts that Solcioty’s fitness value proposition is the most effective and exciting one hour workout members will ever experience. Participants can burn up to 1,000 calories per class and continue to burn long after the workout. The heart-rate monitored, high intensity workout is scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increase energy. This effect is known as “the afterburn” and, once experienced, hooks participants and naturally increases their repeat rate.

Members’ reviews have been very positive for Solcioty’s first corporate location in Columbus, Georgia. On May 30, 2017, member Ashley Turner McCoy wrote on the site’s Facebook page “After winning some free classes to Solcioty I am officially a member! Coming from someone who doesn't love working out, Solcioty makes working out fun. They push me to do my best, but allow me to go at a pace that is comfortable for me. The hour goes by so quickly and I feel great afterwards. No two classes are ever the same. The staff is kind, encouraging, and fun. I would definitely recommend Solcioty for anyone who wants to have fun working out.”

Solcioty also claims to have more equipment than any other heart rate monitored training studio in the country. Treadmills, bikes and rowers form the heart of the larger equipment, and Bosu Balls, bench, steps, dumbbells, TRX straps, medicine balls, kettlebells, resistance bands round out the experience.

As mentioned, the science behind Solcioty is heart rate monitored training. Participants’ maximum heart rate is calculated and points are given for working in one of five training zones. A screen shows when members are in each zone based on color.

The idea of EPOC, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, is another differentiation point of Solcioty workout that the concept is promoting. All of the Solcioty workouts are designed to alter exercise intensity, duration, modalities to continually allow each participant, regardless of their fitness level, the best opportunity to not only burn immediate calories in each class, but to also further enhance the EPOC effect.

Classes, known as Squad, Tribe and Crew, are purchased in memberships or class packs. In each class, participants either start on the treadmill, bike or rower, then do cardio work, then weights. It’s a circuit and the goal is to have fun.

“The introduction and welcoming vibe starts when you walk through. If you get in there, we will make you feel 100% comfortable,” said Justin Kanawyer, CEO. “We explain every piece of equipment and how the class will flow. We go over your goals and any injuries you have. That puts a lot of people at ease. Our trainers make you feel comfortable and check up on you in the class. The person that gave you tour will also check on you.”

Instructors, also known as Solcioty Producers, are selected for their positivity and passion. Solcioty standards are that they care about members’ progress and create a welcoming environment and know how to create community. They are trained to be alert and prepared before each class.

Solcioty’s call to action is as follows:

You’re on the highway and this movement has started. You will be part of a movement and get momentum. Solcioty is ready to lead you and help give you direction and help you find your pace. Solcioty will help you inspire greatness in yourself. And hope in yourself. You will be part of a community. You will get challenged to leave your comfort zone. You will get your head lifted when you feel defeated. You will have a solcioty who helps you celebrate your victories. You will get high fives and share good vibes. You will follow the movement. You are a Movement Member. You are a Solcioty member. You should join it!

The company’s first franchise location opens later this year in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, with four more in development. Other territories are open and the company is actively looking for franchisees to expand Solcioty’s membership base.