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Sparkle Squad Brings a Refreshing, Frictionless Exterior Cleaning Experience to the U.S.

Sparkle Squad is changing how U.S. customers experience exterior cleaning and window washing services with an easier booking experience, flat-rate pricing and updated technology.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 10/19/23

After decades of squeegee-and-bucket window washing services, the industry was becoming stale. In 2012, with a bucket, a borrowed car and a plan to bring the first big innovation to the industry since the 1930s, founder and CEO Chris Stoness launched Elite Window Cleaning, a leading window cleaning service in Canada. After over a decade of perfecting the business and service model, the brand is launching in the U.S. as Sparkle Squad with the same clean, safe and efficient window cleaning services, plus supplemental house washing, gutter cleaning and exterior beautification offerings.

“The service industry is lagging by five years or more, and we want to be the ones to bring it to the modern day,” said Stoness. “Customers are looking for something in the future, not just something status quo, and that’s what we’re doing with Sparkle Squad.”

While the $70 billion cleaning services market is clearly an expansive, in demand one, many of its standard practices are antiquated and create remarkable barriers for the average customer who is simply seeking a frictionless, transparent and affordable window cleaning experience.

“We've worked really hard to offer a fair value for people's hard earned money,” said Stoness. “We find that in every single market we go into, we get the same responses. A lot of our customers are people that have never had their windows cleaned and we were able to fill that void.” 

A Great Experience Starts with Innovation

From the first inquiry to the day of service, Sparkle Squad has baked innovation and industry updates into its systems. Because there had been no significant updates in the industry since the 1930s patenting of the squeegee, Stoness spent years in the industry learning the ins and outs. Once he knew how things were done, he figured out how he could do them better. 

This drove his implementation of water-fed carbon fiber poles, which can reach up to six stories high — twice as high as competitors. The water-fed poles are extendable and equipped with a brush head at the end for optimal cleaning. Thoroughly purified water is dispensed on-demand, meaning customers do not have to worry about harsh chemicals.

This changed everything. With the carbon fiber poles, Sparkle Squad removes ladders, ropes, heavy buckets and a brute strength requirement from the equation. Set-up time is faster, service is more efficient and the team can hire customer-service-oriented team members rather than just those who can handle the physical demands of antiquated window washing practices. With the right equipment and a team who is committed to a great customer experience, Sparkle Squad offers a service that is quicker, friendlier and more efficient than its competitors’.

While this equipment is at the heart of Sparkle Squad, the entire experience is customer-friendly. By integrating technology and a robust digital booking system, Sparkle Squad ensures that anyone who needs window washing, gutter cleaning, soft washing or pressure washing can browse offerings and book a service when and wherever they want.

Book When, Where and How You Want

With both a team of support employees available to field inquiry calls and an online booking system, prospective customers can browse the options — each listed with transparent flat-rate pricing — available times and other details when, where and how they want. Though call centers have remained prevalent in the home services space for decades, a streamlined online booking system vastly increases accessibility. In building this platform, the leadership team aims to make booking a Sparkle Squad visit as easy as placing an Amazon order.

“Any complexity in the customer process can quickly turn into frustration,” said Eric Martin, senior vice president of franchise development at Happinest. “This booking process allows customers to schedule service from bed at 9 p.m. if that’s what’s convenient for them. From how we acquire customers to how we remind them and complete the job, it’s all a frictionless opportunity that keeps them in the loop.”

Shortly after booking, customers receive a confirmation email that includes all of the pertinent information for their service appointment, and they can count on the Squad to show up at their selected time, ready to complete the job.

“The home is our biggest asset for most of us in this life,” added Martin. “You want it taken care of and to look beautiful from the outside. And you’re going to get that here — that’s a given. But it's that user experience that we can provide because of our system that gives us an advantage.”

One Reliable Team for Multiple Services

Martin describes the service appointment as an orchestrated event of sorts. Because the team is equipped with all of the supplies they need in the van and do not have to set aside time to set up tall ladders and lifts, they are able to arrive on-site and promptly begin service. 

“We’re done with one side of the home in the amount of time it takes one of our more standard competitors to get their ladders set up,” added Martin. “We’re creating those ‘Wow’ moments for customers, and we’re careful only to partner with local owners who are committed to this image and level of service as we are.”

This quick, easy process applies to all of the services you need to make your home or commercial property shine. Because Sparkle Squad has incorporated its safer, more efficient carbon fiber poles into multiple facets of the business, customers get the same level of reliability and speed for all services. After experiencing the Sparkle Squad difference, customers can leverage the same team they know and love for other services throughout the year like gutter cleaning in the fall and pressure washing come spring. 

For the Squads, much of the customer experience they deliver comes down to the details. Whether they’re paying extra attention to mold and mildew in nooks and crannies or watching out for gardens, grills and patio furniture when cleaning, the mission of the team is to have a great experience through and through, every single time.

“I’m proud that we’re bringing customers a more equitable way to have their home taken care of,” said Stoness. “Not only are our prices really fair, which people love, but we have curated the entire experience of hiring Sparkle Squad to be enjoyable. We pay attention to all of the small details in what we do in an effort to build genuine relationships with our customers and brighten their days with each visit.”

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Sparkle Squad franchise is $133,767-$146,667, including $108,000 that must be paid to the franchisor. To find more information about costs to buy this franchise, please visit