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Sparkle Squad Expands Rapidly with 17 Franchise Territories Signed in Just Six Months

Desiree Land and Austin Jones, two of the first franchisees who have joined the Sparkle Squad family, each bring their own unique backgrounds and visions for growth.

Sparkle Squad, the newly launched window cleaning and exterior beautification franchise, is expanding rapidly, with 17 franchise locations already signed across the country. The innovative offshoot of the successful Canadian franchise Elite Window Cleaning is making waves in the U.S. market with its unique business model and commitment to excellence. 

After six years in the window washing industry, CEO Chris Stoness saw the potential for improvement and founded Elite Window Cleaning in 2012 with just a borrowed car, a bucket and a vision. Embracing innovations like ultra-light water-fed poles, the franchise rapidly expanded in Canada, becoming a market leader. Now, partnering with Happinest Brands, the 850-plus-unit multi-brand home services franchisor, Stoness has refined the business model and has brought the enhanced version, Sparkle Squad, to the U.S.

The partnership incorporates a larger team of marketing and operations professionals into the mix, meaning franchisees will start from day one with a model that has already solved for the hurdles Stoness faced throughout years of development. This support, paired with a business model that allowed one franchisee to earn over $50,000 in a single month, means franchisees will be ready to take the nation by storm.

Let's meet some of the first entrepreneurs helping Sparkle Squad kick off its franchising journey.

Desiree Land: Sparkle Squad of North Boca Raton-Delray Beach, Florida

Desiree Land, the owner of Sparkle Squad of North Boca Raton-Delray Beach brings over 25 years of experience in the tech industry to her new venture. Having worked as a software developer, sales engineer and account manager for major companies like Accenture and IBM, Land was ready for a change after being laid off from her corporate role last year.

“I wanted to be in more control of my future,” Land said. “I decided to start investigating what franchising could do for me.”

Land’s journey into franchising was driven by her desire to become more involved in her community. “When I was in technology, I traveled a lot,” she said. “But I wanted a franchise that would allow me to stay here and become a bigger part of the community.”

With experience managing a short-term rental property and a commitment to volunteer work, she wanted a franchise that aligned with her values. After exploring various options, she discovered Sparkle Squad.

“I liked the fact that it was owned by Happinest, which has over 50 years of experience,” Land said. “The call with [CEO] Chris [Stoness] was so much more interesting and exciting than the other brands I talked to. That is kind of when I knew it was time for me to make a move and change my career.”

Land’s enthusiasm for Sparkle Squad's marketing model, branding, training and team culture led her to feel confident signing on as the first U.S. franchisee. She officially opened her franchise in April and is already making significant strides.

“It's extremely exciting to be the first franchisee — I’m not shy when it comes to making suggestions and I’m excited to work with the team to help guide the brand in the future,” said Land. “My goal is to build this into an empire — I want to have multiple vans, multiple technicians, and be a big part of the South Florida-South Palm Beach community.”

Austin Jones: Sparkle Squad of Parker-Castle Rock-Colorado Springs, CO

Austin Jones, the owner of Sparkle Squad of Parker-Castle Rock-Colorado Springs, CO, comes from a family with a rich history of entrepreneurship. His grandfather owned businesses in the window cleaning and gas station industries, and his father has been in franchising for 25 years.

“I always knew I wanted to own a business of my own, but I wanted to do franchising because that would help me learn,” Jones said.

After spending a decade in the tech space, Jones’ life took a turn when his wife was expecting a baby. His father recommended exploring Happinest, and soon Jones discovered Sparkle Squad.

“Home services aligned with where I was in my life,” Jones said. “I didn’t want to manage a property, which required less capital to start. You can train most people to go out and do an excellent job. It felt like it was something that we could manage really well.”

With a robust training and support network, a range of services that serve to create multiple streams of revenue year-round and a labor model that positions franchisees to focus on the customer experiencethe Sparkle Squad franchise opportunity is primed for anyone looking to disrupt the industry with the backing of an experienced, quickly growing franchisor.

Now, Jones’ enthusiasm for being on the ground floor of establishing Sparkle Squad's U.S. culture, already successful in Canada, has driven his ambitious plans for growth. “I’ve got really big plans for the area,” he said. “I want to become the market leader within the South Denver area. I want to own the market.”

A Bright Future Ahead

Looking ahead, Sparkle Squad is poised to take the U.S. window cleaning market by storm, with new franchisees represented in Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Virginia, and Florida. The team anticipates having 40 franchise territories signed by the end of the year. 

As the franchise launches in the U.S. market, the leadership team is interested in hearing from prospective owners from all markets. Because it is all white space, and the demand for window cleaning and other exterior beautification services is everywhere, there is no suboptimal market for Sparkle Squad.

“As Desiree and Austin embark on their new journeys, their stories serve as inspiring examples of how Sparkle Squad empowers individuals to take control of their futures and make a positive impact in their communities,” said Stoness. “We couldn’t be more excited to watch them grow as they set the stage for future franchisees across the country.”

To support the growth of a robust, diverse franchise system, Sparkle Squad is offering a 10% discount on the franchise fee for veterans, first responders and minorities, as well as discounted fees for each subsequent location a franchisee opens after the first.

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