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Sport Clips Haircuts on Pace to Close 2018 with 100 Stores Opened and 100+ Franchise Licenses Awarded

Following a strong third quarter, the leading men’s and boys’ hair care franchise is looking to continue its development efforts in key domestic markets.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 9:21PM 11/15/18

With nearly 1,800 locations across the U.S. and Canada, Sport Clips Haircuts is known for being a leader in the men’s and boys’ hair care segment of the franchising industry. The brand has consistently expanded since its founding in 1993, making it one of the fastest growing franchises in North America. That’s why it’s no surprise Sport Clips closed out the third quarter of 2018 on a high note with momentum that’s expected to continue through the end of the year.

Some of the biggest successes Sport Clips experienced in franchise development over the course of the third quarter were celebrated by the brand’s franchisees — or Team Leaders. From new franchisees opening their first salon with the brand to veteran franchisees celebrating their 46th grand opening, milestones were achieved in communities across the country. Sport Clips also is on track to open 100 stores and award 100-plus franchise licenses this year alone, exceeding its results from 2017.

But according to Jim Atkinson, Senior Director of Franchise Development for Sport Clips, the number one reason the third quarter was so successful from a franchise development perspective is because the brand made an active effort to regroup as a team.

“Right as the third quarter started, we brought in a new coach and decided to focus on the fundamentals of our team. We went back to basics by making the time to find the core competencies within our group and highlight them in order to play to people’s strengths and build confidence. Now, as we head into the end of 2018 and the beginning of the new year, we’re in a position to grow.”

Sport Clips is planning to expand by continuing its history of focusing heavily on the quality of candidates the brand brings into its system. Atkinson said, “One of our core operating principles is to never compromise on quality when awarding a franchise. Of course, we have big goals for the development of the Sport Clips brand. But we’re never going to lose sight of the fact that we want to partner with the best of the best in order to uphold our standards and provide a top tier experience to every client who walks through our doors.”

Going forward, Sport Clips is focusing on finding those ideal candidates in key development markets like Buffalo, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. The brand is also actively looking for Team Leaders in Upstate New York and Northern California.

Sport Clips is positioned to build traction in those markets and beyond — currently, the brand is approving 160 site packages per year. Multiple groups continue to attend its monthly Discovery Days as well, proving that franchise opportunities with Sport Clips are in high demand. That’s especially true among multi-unit and multi-brand investors given that Sport Clips offers an owner/investor — or semi-absentee model— allowing franchisees to build their businesses while an experienced manager oversees day-to-day operations and employees.

To continue building its momentum through the end of the year and beyond, the Sport Clips franchise development team remains focused on finding the right franchise candidates in the right communities.

Atkinson said, “It sounds cliché, but we’re not going to take our eye off the ball. When you’ve had success in sales like we have as a franchise, it’s easy to celebrate instead of focusing on what’s ahead. The key is to consistently focus on the next deal, and we’re confident that by doing so, we’ll be able to end the year strong and continue growing in 2019 and beyond.”

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