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Spring Cleaning: The Dirty Spots Overlooked and How to Create a Healthier Home

MaidPro, a professional customized house cleaning service, discusses tips for keeping a healthy, happy home.

By Emily Gay1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 06/03/22

In a recent interview with Fox 13 NewsMaidPro Tampa owner Candance Westlake discussed how a good spring cleaning can benefit any home.

"Usually in spring cleaning we address areas of the home that aren't addressed naturally or normally during the cleaning process. So it's almost like what you would call a deep clean," said Westlake.

She said there are many areas that really need that deep clean, starting in the room that's always cooking: the kitchen. 

She suggested using something like Comet with bleach to be a little more aggressiven. More specifically, taking care of your appliances, like the coffee pot, can mean saving money on replacing them too soon. 

"I would suggest that you buy the product called Affresh for coffee pots," said Westlake. "You can buy it at Publix, and it will clean your coffee pot and keep it clean from all the lime and scale that builds up in pot after pot."

According to Westlake, spring cleaning can benefit you and your home in the long run.

"Money and health, it's a double-edged sword there. You win both ways by keeping a clean house," she said.

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