Stacked Pickle Closes Out 2018 With Strongest Year of Sales, Poised for Major Growth in 2019
Stacked Pickle Closes Out 2018 With Strongest Year of Sales, Poised for Major Growth in 2019

The casual dining brand had its strongest year of sales yet and plans to add 14 more locations by the end of 2019.

Stacked Pickle put many processes in place in 2018 that have set it up for franchise success in 2019.

2018 was the first year the sports bar chain sold locations. It sold a total of two locations in 2018. There are currently nine restaurants open.

“The technology advances that we made with our company in 2018 were tremendous,” CEO Gary Brackett said. “Our digital media efforts in particular have brought us far. We’ve partnered with different companies in regards to real estate and finding new locations by zip code. Just the use of technology to continually scale our brand brought us far in 2018.”

COO Scott Goodrich, who has a long history of helping food franchises achieve exponential growth, talked about the company’s aggressive plans for growth in 2019, which include opening 14 new franchised locations.

Stacked Pickle is really poised for rapid growth,” Goodrich said. “Once people find out about Stacked Pickle and learn more about it, I have no doubt they’ll want to be part of this brand. We’ve invested heavily in things that matter to franchisees, such as technology and marketing and training. All of these things will set us up for major success in 2019.”

In terms of expansion, the brand is mostly set on opening franchises in the Midwest, but it is not at all opposed to national development, Brackett said. The brand has plans to open restaurants in Florida and Texas. In the Midwest, Stacked Pickle plans to expand in the Ohio, Chicago and Indiana markets. Stacked Pickle is specifically looking to open in suburban areas, where families can take advantage of the brand’s many offerings.

Brackett is excited for Stacked Pickle to open its first franchise units. He and his team plan to provide franchisees with top-notch support and help them continue to grow in their communities.

“It’s amazing just because with the brand and our price point, I feel like we can fit in a lot of different markets,” Brackett said. “After a full year of working with our development team and doing extensive work on the public relations side, we’re excited to see what doors will open for Stacked Pickle in the year ahead.”

As for Goodrich, he wants Stacked Pickle to be an employer of choice in the industry. The way he sees it, customers can tell when people love their job, and he wants Stacked Pickle staff members to love working for a company that is invested in their growth.

“We want folks to want to come to work here and bring that energy with them,” Goodrich said.

Franchisees also now have an additional revenue stream to enjoy: catering. The brand recently opened up its catering program, Simple No Hassle Catering, which is available at every Stacked Pickle restaurant. It is priced per person, and customers only need to order 24 hours in advance.

“I’m very excited about our new catering platform,” Brackett said. “It’s a huge revenue stream that we’ve started and it’s going to be fruitful. It provides our delicious food at a great deal.”

Prospective Stacked Pickle franchisees should be community-focused people who love sports and constantly strive for improvement. Restaurant experience is not required, but it is important to have a strong business background and a desire to scale into multiple restaurants.

“Prospective franchisees should know that we’re a fun and exciting concept,” Brackett said. “That said, our concept may be simple, but it’s not easy to operate, which is why we’re building one of the best training programs to give the franchisees the support they need to be successful in this venture.”

The startup costs for a Stacked Pickle franchise range from $425,550 to $939,850. The franchise fee is $40,000. To learn more about franchising with Stacked Pickle, visit https://buildthepickle.com/.

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