Study: How Are Brands Using Instagram Stories?
Study: How Are Brands Using Instagram Stories?

Although video effectively creates a more personal connection between business and audience, bigger brands are using them less often than smaller brands.

When it comes to social media, there are a lot of platforms to keep up with these days—and thanks to staff sizes and resources, bigger brands inherently have an easier time doing it. But according to AdWeek, a recent study found that brands with fewer than 10,000 followers still encounter several advantages to using Instagram Stories—including reaching a larger portion of their base.

The study by Socialinsider found that brands with 100,000 or more followers post Stories around every two days, while those with fewer than 1,000 post every four days or so. Still, brands with fewer than 10,000 followers reach more than 9% of their base, while those with more than 10,000 reach just 5%.

On the content front, brands with fewer than 100,000 followers post nearly the same number of videos and photos in their Stories, while larger brands post more photos. That being said, video “prompts people to spend more time viewing those Stories, which, in turn, leads Instagram’s algorithm to show those stories to more users,” notes AdWeek.

According to AdWeek, Socialinsider co-founder Adina Jipa said: “Brands with larger followings on Instagram are still creating too much polished content, which doesn’t succeed at retaining the audience’s attention with Stories. They work with agencies with scripts and shot in a studio and professionally edited. Sometimes having more resources, both financial and manpower, kills the creativity.”

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