Subway to Post Calorie Information on Menus
Subway to Post Calorie Information on Menus

The move comes after the Food and Drug Administration delayed an enforcement rule about restaurants and retailers providing nutritional information

Subway will include nutritional information on all its menus.
The sandwich chain announced it will be posting calorie counts on its menu boards across its 27,000 stores by April 11. The decision comes as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration delayed the enforcement of a rule requiring anyone who sells prepared food to provide nutritional information. Subway said this decision was easy for them and will help its customers.
“I think consumers are looking for this, and with all the delays, they're confused as to why it's not out there,” said Lanette Kovachi, who leads Subway’s global nutrition efforts.
Subway has calorie information posed in about 4,000 stores and is testing new menu boards in another 7,000 restaurants, according to the Associated Press. Subway is not the first brand to have menus with calorie information, as Panera Bread began this practice in 2010 and McDonald's followed suit in 2012.
Subways said since calorie counts vary depending on the toppings selected by the consumers, the calorie counts on the menus will list the information for basic sandwiches.