The 8 | September 29, 2017
The 8 | September 29, 2017

The top eight stories you probably didn’t need to know in franchising this week.

1. Frantastic: If you’ve ever struggled to contain your thoughts within Twitter’s 140-character limit, we have some Frantastic news for you. The social media platform is testing out a new 280-character limit for a small percentage of users. The company claims that it’s considering giving up one of its points of differentiation in order to double the length of Tweets and relieve a point of pain for its users. But even though Twitter is considering making this change to improve its platform, there’s still no word on the much asked for edit button.

2. Franlebrity: For our current issue on 1851 Franchise, we’re highlighting emerging franchises that are doing awesome things in the industry. And one brand that’s on our list is SoBol. Co-founded by Franlebrity Jason Mazzarone, SoBol is tapping into an up and coming segment of the franchising industry—acai bowls—that’s poised for rapid growth. By honing in on his target audience and making the most of the health food trend, Mazzarone is steering SoBol in the right direction.

3. Frash Money: Sylvan Learning’s leadership team is making an active effort to help their franchisees make more Frash Money. After reshaping its licensing agreement to improve unit-level economics and increase profitability, the brand is now making it a priority to cultivate leads. By giving more students access to its programs across the country, Sylvan is helping its franchisees not just boost their bottom lines, but also make a difference in their local communities.

4. Frant of the Week: No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills is back with another Frant this week to wrap up his series on how to fix franchise sales, structure and systems. In a conversation with 1851 Chief Brand Strategist Sean Fitzgerald, the topic landed on struggling franchisees. And for any local business owner out there that’s having trouble, Powills and Fitzgerald have one piece of advice—take a look in the mirror. By following a franchisor’s model, finding a mentor and going back to training, struggling franchisees have the chance to turn their business around.

5. Franch Forward: With locations across both the East and West Coasts, Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place has established a strong reputation in the communities it serves. And now, the brand is aiming to Franch Forward in a new part of the country—the Midwest. Closet & Storage Concepts / More Space Place is looking to open up a location in Kansas City, Missouri. The new unit will serve as a bridge connecting the brand’s other locations across the country. 

6. Fran Funny: It’s safe to say that the internet is having some mixed reactions to Twitter doubling its character limit. Check out this week’s edition of “The 8” to see a few of our favorite responses.

7. Franspiration: “I often hear friends and neighbors say, ‘This local guy just opened a small business and we should go support him.’ Well, a franchisee is also a small business person, and we should also support them.” – Kay Ainsley, managing director at MSA Worldwide

8. Franemies vs. Frands: Taco Bell is being a true Frand and giving the people what they want—booze. The brand is planning to open over 300 new Cantina restaurants over the next five years, which offer alcohol in addition to its regular menu items. Taco Bell’s Cantina concept was first introduced back in 2015 in both Chicago and San Francisco in an effort to target millennial consumers.