The Dos and Don'ts of Franchise Websites
The Dos and Don'ts of Franchise Websites

A great website can make all the difference.

The world of franchising is rife with intense competition, no matter the industry. To the unfamiliar reader, picture “The Hunger Games,” sans the gore. It can feel even more cutthroat if you’re new to franchising. We do, however, have some good news for fledgling franchisors: A solid franchise website can help level the playing field.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts to help you get off on the right foot.


  • Lay your website out vertically, ideally on a single page.
  • Make it responsive! This simply means the layout of your site will adapt itself to any device that the user is on.
  • Place your contact form above the fold, meaning that it’s visible before the user starts scrolling.
  • Showcase your franchisee’s testimonials. There’s nothing more powerful than having someone else share his or her positive experiences about franchising your brand. We recommend at least three.
  • Have a locations map that clearly shows where your single or multi-unit franchise opportunities are available.
  • Provide a quick snapshot of your franchising process - from submitting a lead all the way to the signing of the franchise agreement.
  • Create a detailed FAQ section. Your lead will have a ton of questions when they land on your page, so be sure to cover all the obvious queries prior to that initial phone call or in-person meeting.



  • Don’t overwhelm the user with paragraphs upon paragraphs of content. People’s attention spans are short, so your copy should follow suit.
  • Don’t use too many fields on your contact form because the last thing you want is to discourage a potential lead from submitting an inquiry. Name, email address, phone number and “leave a message” fields should suffice.
  • Don’t be shy about breaking down your initial investment costs. This is an effective way of weeding out underqualified candidates.
  • Don’t get into trouble with the FTC! You can’t promise or disclose any numbers that aren’t listed on Item 19 of your Financial Disclosure Document. Also, remember to add a legal disclaimer on the footer of your website stating the information on your site is not intended as an offer to sell. Ask your franchise attorney for the specific language and simply copy and paste it in.
  • Please don’t build your franchise site on your own. Hire a professional designer, developer and SEO expert to ensure you cover all the angles.

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