The Five Best Suppliers for Emerging Franchisors
The Five Best Suppliers for Emerging Franchisors

We break down the five suppliers that will provide high quality services for emerging franchisors.

As many of our readers know, being a franchisor is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of investment. Franchisors must establish a solid business model to set up each of their franchisees for success, and having the right suppliers is key.

These five suppliers will provide high quality services for emerging franchisors to take their business to the next level.

Internicola Law Firm

Internicola Law Firm is a business and franchise law firm that specializes in working with startup and emerging franchisors who are intent on scaling-up and growing their franchise systems. The firm currently works with around 30 brands in all different industries across the country. Managing partner and founder, Charles Internicola, has not only been a franchise lawyer for 20 years, but he is a franchisor himself. “When we say we know what it means to be a franchisor and emerging franchisor we mean it, literally,” he mentioned. The team at Internicola is fully aware of franchisor growing pains and can connect with clients and the experiences they are going through. They have even started to provide supplemental services because of what they have learned in the industry. Franchisors can expect to be guided and empowered for long-term success.

Their Franchise Counsel Program for emerging franchisors can help accelerate your franchise system with guidance on compliance, marketing and development. The firm offers a fixed fee approach instead of hourly billing, which has improved client relationships. Delivering value to your franchise system is a high priority for their team.


FranConnect is the place to go for franchisors when it comes to all things operations and franchise management. In one place, you can track the performance of each franchisee and revenue in real-time. Monitor and determine what is working and what is not working in various locations.

Not only does FranConnect help you sell more franchises, it helps you build better relationships with your franchisees. You can internally train, communicate and provide support through a ticket system, all in an integrated software solution.

Last but not least, this integrated software includes franchise-marketing solutions with CRM capabilities. Finding the ROI on you and your franchisees’ marketing efforts will help determine the success and direction of your strategy.


Being in business for over 28 years, FranNet has helped hundreds of clients with their franchise consulting services. Working with clients in any and all industries, FranNet helps entrepreneurs find the right business opportunity for their situation. Living and working in local markets where candidates are being placed helps their consultants learn each business climate and learn what franchise systems will work in that particular market. Consultants can share this expertise with their clients, along with face-to-face presence and a rapport that helps differentiate them from other consulting services. Their franchise matching process helps create a business profile for candidates before making any guesses on which franchise opportunity is right for them.

What can they do for franchisors? “Being accepted into our system is a high honor. We rely on corporate to provide high quality franchisors for our candidates to work with” says Todd Bingham, FranNet President and COO. Finding qualified prospects that have the right financial resources is how FranNet can help grow a franchisors’ business.

Bingham also shared a few of FranNet’s top clients, including SuperCuts, MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company, Dental Fix, and Floor Coverings International.


One of the toughest parts of being a franchisor is getting access to capital for your franchisees to open new locations. When it comes to franchise financing, BoeFly is the place to go for loans, launches and increased revenue. Without access to funding, your franchise system’s growth and momentum can significantly be restricted.

With BoeFly, franchisees can complete one loan request to get in front of thousands of lenders. There is no need to for them to go from bank to bank getting multiple credit checks and poor deals with less than ideal terms.

Franchisors can then easily track the status of those loans, which can predict deal closings and help with planning.

No Limit Agency

Having its start in franchise PR, No Limit Agency now offers the full list of what should be in your communications strategy; public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, digital and franchise development. If no one knows about your franchise, how will you grow your business?

NLA looks for potential clients that they can have a long-term relationship with rather than a brand that will leave after six months. Besides searching for the right fit, NLA believes a franchisor must have a great story to tell to get momentum going with the press. Working mostly with restaurant and consumer brands, they won’t shy away from any brand that they can get excited about and create their voice.

What makes NLA stand out from other agencies in the industry? “Because of how much we care. Everything is personal,” says Nick Powills, Chief Brand Strategist. The team’s collective energy, creativity and positive attitude helps the agency tackle big challenges for its franchisor clients.

No Limit Agency currently works with 50 franchisors, including Smoothie King, Checkers, and Buffalo Wings & Rings.