The Importance Of Listening And Leadership - A Strategy For Improving Employee Communication
The Importance Of Listening And Leadership - A Strategy For Improving Employee Communication

Carrie Luxem provides tips on how to further promote employee communication

As a business owner, listening and leadership go hand in hand. In order to create a healthy company culture and happy workers, it is essential that you establish a good line of employee communication so that they feel that their voices are being heard.

I always strive to make sure my team is happy and getting what they want from us at Restaurant HR Group. One method that I have used with great success is an employee form that gives my staff the opportunity to evaluate aspects of the company.

This form is one of my favorite strategies for aligning listening and leadership. It includes eight categories that the employees can rank according to what they feel is most important. We also leave room for them to leave comments so that they can qualify their rankings if they want.

Then we ask the following four questions to further promote employee communication:

-What do you like most about Restaurant HR Group?

-What do you like least about Restaurant HR Group?

-What could we be doing to make your job better?

-Is there anything else you´d like to tell us?

This activity has allowed us to have one-on-one conversations with employees about what matters to them in this moment of their lives. Considering the strong link between listening and leadership, this activity has been very helpful to Restaurant HR Group because of the data we collect. The form allows us to gauge how satisfied our employees are with the work that we do so that we can manage successfully.

This kind of employee communication provides us with a better understanding of our employees and thus improves overall workplace culture.

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