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The Impossible Whopper Arrives At Every Burger King in America for Limited-Time Offer

This is the biggest rollout yet for the plant-based patty made by Impossible Foods.

First tested in St. Louis, the Impossible Whopper made its Burger King debut in April. CNN reported that on August 8, the meatless patty will be available in all Burger King stores nationwide for a limited time. The Impossible Whopper will feature a “taste test” promotion through September 1 on DoorDash and the Burger King app. The brand is still unclear on whether the Impossible Whopper will earn its spot as a permanent menu item, but executives at both Burger King and Impossible foods are optimistic."We very much believe in the category," said Chris Finazzo, Burger King’s President in the Americas. 

Impossible Foods products are currently available at approximately 10,000 restaurants. Expanding to the 7,000 Burger King locations nationwide would nearly double its presence. The plant-based meats brand has struggled to fulfill supply orders in the past, but recently partnered with a major meet processor to meet demand. White Castle, Qdoba and Little Caesars are among other national restaurant chains that serve the product. 
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