The List Issue: The Best Service Franchises
The List Issue: The Best Service Franchises

1851 Franchise rounds up the top 25 service franchises in the industry and breaks down why they’re continuing to experience growth and success.

When the word “franchising” is first mentioned, it’s often for restaurant chains to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, restaurant concepts aren’t the only concepts that are expanding through the business model—there are service brands that are also experiencing continued success. To shine a spotlight on the best service brands that are currently operating in the industry, 1851 Franchise rounded up 25 franchises and breaks down what makes them unique. Check out the best service brands to watch below.

Best in Class Education Center

After recently reaching the 50-unit milestone, Best in Class Education Center is entering a new phase of growth and development. The supplemental education franchise that’s powered by thoughtful methods, quality instructors and a customizable approach is currently looking to break into new markets across 46 different states.

Number of Locations: 50

Startup costs: $62,800 - $121,880

Christian Brothers Automotive

This leading automotive service and repair franchise is rooted in the values of honesty, integrity, reliability and exceptional customer service. By keeping those key ideas in mind, Christian Brothers Automotive has been able to establish a presence in 22 states, with plans to continue growing in both new and existing markets down the line.

Number of Locations: 164

Startup costs: $458,950 - $555,350

Goldfish Swim School

Designed to help infants and children between the ages of four months to 12 years learn to swim, Goldfish Swim School has tapped into a unique—and underserved—segment of the franchising industry. That’s why the brand is experiencing rapid growth—right now, there are over 80 schools that are either open or in development in more than 23 states and internationally. Fold Fish Swim School is aiming to have over 100 locations open and operating in the next five years.

Number of Locations: 46

Startup costs: $1,315,283 - $2,912,358

Great Clips

With over 4,200 locations across the globe, Great Clips is the world’s largest salon franchise. And that impressive number is largely due to local owners—the brand’s salons in North America are all owned by franchisees. Great Clips specializes in high quality, low cost haircuts for men, women and children, and is positioned to continue expanding as a leader in its industry.

Number of Locations: 4,200+

Startup costs: $122,500 - $233,100

Green Home Solutions

Backed by a one of a kind treatment that kills bacteria and improves air quality, Green Home Solutions is experiencing rapid growth in communities across the country. With plans to cross the 200-unit mark in the near future, the brand is uniquely positioned as a concept that’s on the cutting edge of the “Go Green” movement. Green Home Solutions also saves its customers money by avoiding the traditional mold remediation process that often ends in structural damages to homes, which franchisees are using to their advantage in their efforts to gain business.

Number of Locations: 140+

Startup costs: $45,675 - $76,250


HomeVestors has one of the more unique concepts in the franchising industry—the brand’s franchisees pay cash and close quickly on ugly homes and then rehab them before selling them to other investors or homebuyers. So far, HomeVestors has purchased over 75,000 houses, and it’s the long standing leading cash buyer of houses in the country. With over 800 franchises currently up and running, the brand is now looking to continue its ongoing expansion initiatives.

Number of Locations: 851

Startup costs: $44,000 - $347,250


Originally founded in 2000, IKOR is a solution for professionals who find themselves helping families managing short-term health crises and long-term care issues for seniors and the disabled. The brand’s services are designed to help with medical, financial, environmental and psychosocial aspects of a person’s life to then create a comprehensive care plan. Right now, IKOR has 68 operating territories in 23 states plus the District of Columbia.

Number of Locations: 68

Startup costs: $83,200 - $135,833


Made up of a network of thousands of Master and unit franchisees, JAN-PRO serves more than 40,000 customers across the globe. The commercial cleaning franchise brand combines a unique business model with technologically advanced cleaning methods to ensure that its customers are given the best possible service, fueling its ongoing development initiatives both domestically and internationally.

Number of Locations: 8,000+

Startup costs: $3,985 - $51,105

K9 Resorts

Any dog lovers looking to break into franchising may find the perfect opportunity with K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotels. The dog- boarding and daycare concept is small but growing rapidly along with the multi-billion-dollar boarding and grooming industry.

Number of locations: 6

Startup costs: $915,655 to $1,292,859

Keller Williams

In the real estate segment of the franchising industry, Keller Williams is positioned as a company that’s focused on its agents. The brand, which was originally founded in Texas, is designed to put its resources toward building its agents’ business in order to set them up for success. Right now, Keller Williams has a presence in over 790 markets across the globe with the help of 139,000-plus associates.

Number of Locations: 885

Startup costs: $183,947 - $336,995

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor has become the largest lawn-care franchise in the country without a single mower. Rather than cutting grass, the brand maintains lawns through fertilization, aeration, weed and pest-control and organic growth services. With over 500 locations currently up and running across 40 states, Lawn Doctor is proving that demand for home maintenance services is continuing to climb.

Number of Locations: 537

Startup costs: $101,890 - $115,940

Maid Right

JAN-PRO’s sister franchise, Maid Right, is tapping into demand in a different section of the franchising industry—homes. While JAN-PRO is focused on commercial cleaning, Maid Right franchisees are building networks with members of their communities to establish a home cleaning service to beat. Through its Master and unit franchisee model, Maid Right is continuing to gain momentum as it breaks into new markets.

Number of Locations: 254

Startup costs: $4,675 - $48,755

Miracle Method

Miracle Method is the largest bath and kitchen refinishing company in the U.S. The brand specializes in repairing and resorting all types of tubs, ceramic tiles and countertops, allowing its franchisees to find customers who want to upgrade their homes while avoiding the bottom line on a full replacement.

Number of Locations: 135+

Startup costs: $75,000 - $120,000

Mosquito Joe

This Virginia Beach, Virginia-based brand provides top tier mosquito control treatments for both residential and commercial clients across the country. Backed by its mission to make the outdoors fun again, Mosquito Joe is rapidly expanding as more and more consumers are educated about the threat that pests can pose. With plans to continue expanding in major markets like Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado and California, the brand is positioned for further success.

Number of Locations: 171

Startup costs: $66,600 - $122,500

Pool Scouts

One of the few largely seasonal businesses on our list, Pool Scouts is a particularly attractive proposition for a prospective franchisee who is looking to take control of their work-life balance. A $3 billion industry, pool cleaning services offer a strong enough boon in the spring and summer months that many franchisees are able to support themselves year-round from 6–8 months of work.

Number of locations: 4

Startup costs: $54,500 to $98,000


RE/MAX is one of the largest real estate franchises in the industry. With more than 7,500 units that are home to 100,000-plus agents in over 100 different countries and territories, the brand has made a name for itself on a global scale. To continue capitalizing on that strong brand awareness, RE/MAX is set to continue working with new franchisees, agents and clients in the months and years to come.

Number of Locations: 7,560

Startup costs: $37,500 - $225,000


One of the youngest franchises on our list, Relocators launched its franchise opportunity in the spring of 2016. Now the brand is hungry to grow and plans to expand nationally in the coming years. Relocators offers a full suite of moving services, including storage, clean-out, shipping, and even estate-sale services.

Number of locations: 1

Startup costs: $127,488 to $199,220

Right at Home

With the population of adults aged 65 or older expected to reach as many as 84 million by 2050—according to the Home Care Association of America—Right at Home is perfectly positioned for continued growth as a franchise built to provide quality senior care. The brand offers in-home companionship, personal care and assistance to seniors and adults with a disability who are able to live independently. Right at Home has a strong presence both domestically and internationally, and is aiming to grow on a global scale going forward.

Number of Locations: 500+

Startup costs: $77,200 - $133,401

SafeWay Driving

Safeway Driving offers driving training services with an emphasis on digital learning tools. That digital-oriented model eliminates the need for a brick-and-mortar storefront, allowing operators to work from home and making Safeway one of the more modest upfront investments on our list.

Number of Locations: 25

Startup costs: $57,000 to $159,800


As the housing industry continues to recover, Showhomes is positioned to make the most of its opportunity to grow. The brand, which offers traditional home staging services in addition to its unique Home Manager Program, is capitalizing on the fact that home staging is more important to the selling process than ever before.

Number of Locations: 58

Startup costs: $43,300 - $78,000

Sport Clips

After recognizing that there was a glaring gap in the men’s and boy’s haircut industry in the 1990’s, Sport Clips broke into the industry. The brand rapidly became a leader in its segment, expanding in communities across the country at a rapid rate. Sport Clips is backed by a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, positioning it for future growth in the months and years ahead.

Number of Locations: 1,550+

Startup costs: $158,300 - $316,500

Sylvan Learning

With more than 750 locations across North America and 35 years of experience, Sylvan Learning is paving the way in the supplemental education segment of the franchising industry. The brand utilizes technology to separate itself from the competition, and focuses on providing STEM courses that aren’t available anywhere else. Sylvan also offers SylvanSync technology that integrates technology into the classroom to streamline its personalized education approach.

Number of Locations: 750+

Startup costs: $70,980 - $159,850


With more than 380 locations and 2,900 trucks, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the largest franchised moving concept in the country. The Michigan-based brand is growing in a wide variety of markets thanks to its new Mini-Market model and Long Distance Moving solution. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is working with its franchisees to continue expanding in new markets at a rapid rate.

Number of Locations: 380+

Startup costs: $178,000 - $590,500

The UPS Store

UPS is a highly recognized name both in franchising and by consumers—the brand has been known for its postal and delivery services for over three decades. The brand, which has been franchising for 35-plus years, is the largest franchisor of retail shopping, postal, printing and business service centers.

Number of Locations: 4,979

Startup costs: $159,224 - $434,521 for Traditional Locations

Visiting Angels

As the senior population continues to become more prominent, Visiting Angels is expanding. The brand—which is tapping into growing demand for in-home senior care services—provides a wide variety of services for members of the older generation who are in need, from some housework to simple errands and shopping. Visiting Angels is building a presence both domestically and internationally, showcasing the global need for its services.

Number of Locations: 585

Startup costs: $77,985 - $102,285