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The Top 10 Emerging Beauty Franchises Ready to Make Over the Industry

In a multi-billion dollar industry, beauty franchisors who are interested in offering something new and different position themselves to rise to the top and become known as key players.

Within the over $571 billion beauty and personal care industry, there are countless traditional offerings such as standard haircuts and styling services, as well as basic skin and nail care. However, as new, more modern treatment options enter the market, franchisors embracing the innovation are preparing to take over the future of the beauty industry.

These 10 beauty franchises are well-positioned to make big waves in the industry as unique offerings expand.

Sugaring NYC

Sugaring NYC is a hair removal concept. Sugaring, or sugar waxing, is a hair removal technique similar to more traditional body waxing. A paste made of sugar, lemon and water is applied and removed like a hot wax would be, but it is known to cause less pain and skin irritation than traditional waxing.

While sugaring is becoming more popular, sugaring concepts are not nearly as prevalent as body waxing studios in many geographies.

The initial investment to open a Sugaring NYC business is $80,000–$120,000, including a $29,900 franchise fee.

Facial Mania Med Spa

Facial Mania Med Spa positions itself as a health care industry franchise. But due to the nature of the services it provides, franchise owners are not reliant on insurance reimbursements to secure payment. 

The med spa offers collagen drops, facials, injectables, fat freezing, massage, laser hair removal, intense pulsed light therapy, Ultherapy®, peels, dermaplaning and neuromodulators.

There are multiple startup models available, including the clinician startup model, spa add-on model, investor startup model and clinic add-on model. The franchise fee for the concept is $39,000, and the initial investment ranges from $250,300–$688,500. 

Idolize Brows and Beauty

Idolize Brows and Beauty offers eyebrow threading, tinting, waxing, facials, and other brow and lash enhancement services. According to the brand’s website, the global cosmetics industry is projected to be worth more than $435 billion by 2026, and Idolize has secured its spot in the market.

The initial investment required to open an Idolize Brows and Beauty business is $282,432–$402,990, including a $45,000 franchise fee.

VIO Med Spa

VIO Med Spa is “among the industry leaders in wellness and aesthetics, offering the latest cutting-edge technologies and therapies available,” its website says. The franchise offers skincare services, body sculpting, hair regeneration, hormone therapy, IV therapy and supplements.

The brand does not publish investment information, but Entrepreneur reports an initial investment range of $938,034–$1,240,148.

Deka Lash

Deka Lash is an eyelash extension concept that provides relaxing, semi-private appointments. For many people, lash extension services have become a staple as they reduce the amount of time spent getting ready in the morning by eliminating any time spent on mascara and other eye makeup applications.

Further, the concept offers a tech-forward visualization service to support clients in selecting their perfect lash look.

“Deka Lash uses augmented reality to help show customers what their lash and brow services will look like once completed,” explained John Armstrong, franchise consultant with FranNet. “This experience helps to give the customer confidence in the service and can boost revenues for the franchisees.”

The initial investment required to start a Deka Lash business is $221,360–$540,384.

Caribbean Mystique Spa

Caribbean Mystique Spa is an island-inspired wellness concept that provides customized spa services. With massage and facials, hair removal, halo therapy, sauna, cryotherapy, body wraps, scrubs and body contouring, the concept provides services to enhance beauty inside and out.

The initial investment required to open a Caribbean Mystique Spa is $209,588–$344,350.

Face Foundrie

Face Foundrie is a facial bar concept “specializing in all things face.” Clients can receive facial services, skincare, lash and brow enhancements. Face Foundrie franchisees can secure multiple revenue streams by offering a range of services, and a membership model creates an opportunity to secure stable, repeat revenue.

The initial investment required to open a Face Foundrie is $196,000–$368,000. The franchise fee for a single-unit deal is $44,000 and $36,000 per location for multi-unit deals.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Frenchies is a nail concept that pushes back against the standard nail salon experience. Because it does not use any acrylic products or other toxic chemicals, the in-salon atmosphere is notably different. Frenchies also embraces proper cleaning procedures—something that can be hard to find at run-of-the-mill salons.

The brand does not publish investment information on its website. But according to Entrepreneur, the initial investment required to open a Frenchies salon is $262,444–$447,016.

Fuzz Wax Bar

Fuzz Wax Bar is a body waxing concept that also offers brow waxing, threading, tinting, ingrown hair extractions and more. The franchisor says that it is making its mark in an already-niche market by creating a strong network of franchise professionals and an attractive company and in-salon culture.

The initial investment required to start a Fuzz Wax Bar business is $385,000–$515,500.


GloPatrol is a mobile sunless tanning concept that leverages airbrush technology to deliver a warm glow without the UV damage. A franchising brochure the brand has attached on its website says, “The evolv Sidekick utilizes this technology by producing a one-of-a-kind, first-ever, heated airbrush tanning experience.” By bringing heat into the equation, GloPatrol is meant to provide a more comfortable application experience.

The brand does not publish initial investment information, but Entrepreneur publishes an estimated initial investment of $9,000–$25,500.