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The Carpet Chemist Introduces Cleaning Service for Air Ducts and Hardwood Floors

With cleaning solutions for far more than just carpets, the brand has quickly developed a multi-faceted following among consumers and franchisees.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 10/21/21

After introducing treatment options for both air duct cleaning and hardwood floor service, The Carpet Chemist is now showcasing an ability to provide services far beyond carpets alone. The cleaning needs of consumers are being met with comprehensive satisfaction, covering far more than the namesake of The Carpet Chemist may suggest.

In order to provide a comprehensive package of services, Brandon Cerrito, CEO of The Carpet Chemist, says it doesn’t make sense to just clean carpets and still have dirty air ducts. “Clients may notice black edges around their baseboards that meet the carpet, and it’s important for us to address the source of where carpets become dirty,” he said. By offering air duct cleaning, The Carpet Chemist can ensure that carpets will remain clean far longer than a traditional carpet treatment service alone.

As an additional measure, The Carpet Chemist has taken on hardwood floor cleaning services. “We aren’t going to stop at just carpets,” Cerrito said.

“We’ve been getting a lot of requests for hardwood floors, and we knew that adding it to our service list would help us become more of a one-stop shop,” Cerrito added. The brand has now educated its franchisees in how to protect hardwood floors, ensuring each technician is equipped, educated and certified to perform service on all types of flooring.

Eric Anderson is the brand’s president, and he said The Carpet Chemist can now promote how it goes above and beyond traditional service. “Our franchises have an opportunity to become extremely profitable because we can do things our competitors can’t,” he said. “It’s important for us to promote our abilities to treat more than carpets, both to consumers in need and to franchisees looking to develop a serious endeavor.”

“We’re going to save our clients a lot of time by allowing them to book one appointment,” Cerrito said. “People won’t have to go anywhere else.”

As the brand continues to develop itself as a leading franchise model, it boasts the ability to run itself with minimal staffing at each franchise and a scalable model that can take on rapid expansion in an industry with growing demand. A franchise can be operated with as little as one or two employees, and the wide range of service options can be performed out of a single van.

The Carpet Chemist continues to perform comprehensive service on carpets, including repair, stretching, cleaning, dyeing and color changing, stain removal and restoration. The brand performs service on both residential and commercial locations alike, meeting a wide range of client needs for a growing amount of client demand.

The brand anticipates increased demand with a greater service offering and is quickly meeting the wide range of needs for consumers everywhere.

The initial investment to open a The Carpet Chemist franchise ranges from $77,000 to $190,000, which includes the leasing of a van and an initial $25,000 franchise fee. Without the need for traditional office space, franchise owners are able to operate with minimal overhead costs.