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Why The Carpet Chemist Is So Much More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

As The Carpet Chemist looks to open more units, an expansion in services allows the brand to serve more customers with complimentary services and provide additional revenue streams to franchisees.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 12:12PM 06/27/22

The Carpet Chemist, the emerging carpet-care franchise, is looking toward a year of ambitious expansion. While bringing new franchisees aboard, The Carpet Chemist is also expanding the scope of its niche home cleaning services to offer an all-in-one service experience to customers while diversifying franchisees’ revenue streams.

“The carpet cleaning currently makes up at least 85% of the business, if not more,” explained Eric Anderson, president of The Carpet Chemist. “We’re adding additional services like hardwood cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning to better service clients and sprinkle in some additional revenue.”

Eventually, Anderson said, carpet cleaning services will make up only half of the business. While these add-ons are helpful for franchisees, allowing them to expand the variety of services they offer and potentially service clients who would not need carpet cleaning alone, the ability to get everything done in one trip is a great perk for clients as well. 

“As far as the air duct cleaning, it’s nice because if you have dirty air ducts, you can get your carpets and hardwood floors cleaned, but as soon as the heat or AC kicks on, all of that dirt is blown off onto the freshly cleaned floors,” Anderson said. “It’s the same with upholstery. Your couch is usually sitting on your hardwood floors, carpets or rugs, and you don’t want a dirty couch to ruin clean floors.”

When offering only carpet cleaning services, revenue opportunities are often missed. Many higher end, larger homes have lots of hardwood flooring, Anderson explained, so hardwood cleaning specifically allows franchisees to open themselves up not only to more opportunities, but larger ones as well.

Especially now, as gas prices rise, making the most of each trip is important for businesses who travel to their clients. “Gas is almost $6 per gallon right now,” Anderson said. “You can go out and do as much as possible for the client, and it’s convenient for everyone. You’re not wasting time and money driving back and forth to little jobs here and there. If you do everything for one house, it’s one job that you can make a whole day of.”

It is an exciting time for the brand as it recently signed its first franchisee, Dave Hettiger, in the Chicago area and is looking to sign another franchisee very soon. Anderson said that his goal is to open 10 units by the end of the year, but given recent growth trends, he says he sees the brand surpassing that number easily.

“Especially in our market, there's no other brand out there like The Carpet Chemist — one that does it all, from the repair process to dyeing and from carpet to hardwood floors,” Hettiger said. “Nobody really is doing the whole broad range of things we offer, and they're not offering the same level of expertise. These days, people want one contractor for basically everything. They don't want to call three different companies.” 

As the brand focuses heavily on expansion within Kentucky, Chicago and surrounding states, there is noticeable support from existing clients and others who have already heard the brand’s name.

“I expect the service expansion to double revenue,” Anderson said. “I think from a franchisee standpoint, there is so much more business that can be added in without having to start a separate company or pay a separate franchise fee. It’s going to save them time and money, and we’re consistently looking for new services to add that go along with a home service and use the same equipment the franchisees likely already have.”

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Carpet Chemist Business with a base operating territory is $77,300 to 109,700, including a $30,000 franchise fee. For more information, visit