Keeping Things Fresh: How The Counter’s Director of Marketing Rachel Cohn Centers Innovation and Creativity
Keeping Things Fresh: How The Counter’s Director of Marketing Rachel Cohn Centers Innovation and Creativity

Digital campaigns and a new commercial in 2019 are among her initiatives for the gourmet burger brand.

Since The Counter® entered the MTY/Kahala BrandsTM family in December 2017, Director of Marketing Rachel Cohn has led the charge in making sure the brand’s creative marketing efforts align with The Counter’s fresh, innovative menu offerings. The gourmet burger brand modernizes the American classic by way of over one million burger combinations and an extensive menu that caters to myriad diets.

The Counter is a fun, inventive and creative brand to work on,” Cohn said.

She explained just what makes the brand so unique: “The Counter has so many ingredient options that can fit into anyone’s dietary needs. The brand has an entire menu dedicated to gluten-free products served in the restaurant.  The brand also created a vegan menu, which is especially unique, since The Counter is a gourmet burger restaurant concept. Guests also have the option to choose their protein and select if they would like it served on a variety of bun options or on fresh greens.”

Does this mean that The Counter has tasty options for guests of every preference and diet? Precisely, Cohn explained.

“If a guest is paleo, gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, keto, etc., The Counter has their dietary restrictions covered.”

Cohn said that The Counter was a natural fit in the context of the MTY/Kahala Brands family.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work at Kahala Brands for more than five years.  I’ve worked on multiple brands under the management of Kahala Brands and it’s exciting to learn about new concepts, how they work and the passion they have toward their product offerings,” Cohn explained.

That mix of passion and innovation has extended to Cohn’s approach to marketing, leading her to adopt technology-driven initiatives to expand the brand’s reach.

“[The Counter] has worked hard to reach new customers and current customers via various digital avenues.  This includes geo-targeting, display and search displays and hyperlocal marketing,” Cohn said.

This includes 2019 marketing initiatives that extend into new territories as compared to those of previous campaigns.

“The Counter has new and thrilling initiatives scheduled for 2019 such as a commercial, which will be a first for the brand,” Cohn shared. “The commercial will be a great new asset that is exciting since it will visually showcase the high-quality products along with the endless possibilities of how guests can create their own burger,” Cohn explained.

Cohn’s marketing efforts further reflect the brand’s emphasis on customization by embracing the difference in regional tastes.

“The Counter’s fans do have different pallets depending on their region,” Cohn said. “The brand is currently testing new Happy Hour options and the healthier vegetable offerings are more popular on the West Coast verses the East Coast who crave more savory options. Depending on the region, the brand still reaches guests via digital avenues.”

No matter regional variation in taste, however, there is still one thing that unites all fans of The Counter: sizzling, made-to-order burgers topped with the freshest ingredients.

“Even though guests have different pallets, a gorgeous image of a burger with fresh toppings and a craveable sauce still gets guests in the door, no matter where they are geographically located,” Cohn said.

And while marketing professionals sometimes face the risk of creative stagnation, no such danger is on the horizon for Cohn.

“The brand is very inventive, creative and on the cutting edge.  It’s an inspiration to be a part of the creative process that occurs between the franchisees, R&D chefs and brand team,” said Cohn. “I’m constantly learning about new products, alcohol promotions, ingredients and the perfect balance that comes together when a burger build is approved and rolled-out to market.  The Counter has an exciting year ahead and I’m extremely happy to be part of this growing (and delicious) brand.”


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