Long Runway for Growth Fuels The Counter’s Franchising Initiative
Long Runway for Growth Fuels The Counter’s Franchising Initiative

Backed by an in-demand, customizable product and proven business model, The Counter® is allowing its franchisees to tap into its innovative twist to the traditional burger scene.

Consumers today have more choices when it comes to where to eat than ever before. That’s especially true in the burger segment – the increasingly popular industry is crowded with brands all claiming to be the best. But through all of the noise, there’s one concept that’s proven its points of differentiation are strong enough to separate it from the pack: The Counter.

“What differentiates The Counter from its competitors is its ability to utilize premium, high quality ingredients to customize and create the ultimate burger experience. Our brand’s products are made from scratch daily, and the variety of the products that we offer allows customers to feel that the world is at their fingertips and they can be as unique as they want to be,” said Nicole Rayborn, Vice President of Franchise Development with the Counter.

Originally founded in Santa Monica back in 2003, The Counter was established with a goal of launching a gourmet burger restaurant that could establish an innovative twist on an American Classic. Since day one, The Counter’s focus has been to offer customers fresh, high quality ingredients that can be customized to meet everyone’s individual cravings. And as soon as the brand opened its doors for business, it became clear that the concept was catching on. That’s why The Counter began offering its franchise and area development agreements just two short years later in 2005.

Through its business ownership opportunity, aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced restaurateurs and managers have the ability to tap into The Counter’s unique approach to the classic burger joint. Between its focus on customization that gives customers access to one million different ingredient combinations and an environment that’s more modern and progressive than most, the brand has carved out a niche for itself increasing in demand. And according to John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development with The Counter, The Counter has an incredibly long runway when it comes to reaching its full potential.

He said, “The Counter is so new when you look at its growth curve. That’s why we’re excited to bring the product to market in more communities across the nation.”

The fact that The Counter is in a position to grow means that franchisees who enter the system now have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground level of an already established system. The brand is actively looking to sign agreements for 10 more restaurants before 2018 comes to a close in order to move the brand in the right direction. From there, The Counter is planning to grow at a must faster rate.

As the brand sets out on this rapid growth initiative, it’s focused on growing alongside the right franchisees. The Counter® isn’t looking to ink agreements just to close a deal – it’s committed to partnering with franchisees who fit into its system who are primed for long-term growth.

Rayborn said, “First and foremost, our franchisees need to have a passion and enthusiasm for The Counter’s innovative and creative concept. It’s also beneficial for our franchisees to have a history in the restaurant industry, as well as experience being able to demonstrate a strong work ethic and effective communication skills.”

Right now, The Counter® has 31 locations open for business across the U.S. in Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Texas and Virginia in addition to international locations in Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Mexico, Ghana and Japan. Franchisees can expect their initial investments to range from $786,000 to $2,355,250, including a $50,000 franchise fee.

“Franchisees who are interested in opening up a new location should keep their focus on the team that they build. As a brand, The Counter provides great recipes, access to products and a great menu, but it’s ultimately the culture in each restaurant that makes this brand so special. We’re relaxed and laid back, but there’s an incredible sense of urgency toward hospitality across our brand’s entire system. At the end of the day, that’s what will enable The Counter’s franchise system to continue growing.”

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