The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In The Counter®
The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In The Counter®

A craveable menu and adaptable business model put this burger chain at the top of franchisee wish lists.

The Counter is a full-service restaurant that provides the option to build your own ultimate burger. The franchise places an emphasis on fresh ingredients, variety and the ability to customize your order to meet any number of dietary restrictions. Whether you’re trying out one of the house specialties or decide to build your own burger or bowl, The Counter boasts over a million potential combinations for customers to choose from, making it capable of satisfying every craving. 

With 45 current locations, the California-based burger mainstay is poised for growth both internationally and across the United States. The Counter is perfectly poised for franchising in new and exciting markets—here are the Top 5 reasons why.

The Counter offers an extensive variety of options that meet the dietary needs of any diner.

The Counter’s unique business model is based on the customizability of the dining experience, paired with using only the freshest and most unique ingredients. In an industry that can sometimes seem overwhelmed with options, The Counter offers a one-stop-shop for the ultimate burger experience. Beyond burgers, The Counter also offers starters, salads, sandwiches, shakes and floats. “If a guest is paleo, gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, keto, etc., The Counter has their dietary restrictions covered,” said The Counter’s Director of Marketing, Rachel Cohn. 

The Counter trains franchisees beyond just brand skills and knowledge.

Owned by parent company Kahala Brands, The Counter has substantial resources for its franchisees in order to make sure their restaurants and training are both exceptional and thorough. The brand’s comprehensive classroom training approach emphasizes both behavioral and cognitive learning to set all franchisees up for success. 

“I am confident that future The Counter franchisees that go through our complete training program will have access to the tools, skills and knowledge to support their growth—and from that we’ll see continued growth in the brand,” said Kerri Kudla, VP of Training and Customer Service for The Counter.

Success in California drives national trends.

The Counter’s regional success in California, a state known for being on the cutting edge of food trends, is indicative of a prosperous future for the brand. The extensive menu appeals to both the health-conscious and the more indulgent diner, making this business model applicable to an endless number of markets. The brand is also capable of customizing its menu based on regional customer demand, making for a versatile and adaptable business model. 

“The Counter is so new when you look at its growth curve,” said The Counter’s Senior Vice President of Franchise Development, John Wuycheck. “That’s why we’re excited to bring the product to market in more communities across the nation.” 

The Counter is a fun, creative brand driven by groundbreaking marketing principles and innovative Research and Development Workshops.

This is not your average burger place. Since joining Kahala Brands™ in 2017, The Counter has placed an even bigger emphasis on being at the forefront of modern marketing. Year after year, The Counter holds Research and Development summits to innovate new and successful menu items. 

The word we use to describe what we’re always aiming for is ‘craveable,’” says Research and Development chef Scott Weaver. “You can make items that are good or even great, but craveable is that next level.”

The Counter is committed to partnering with franchisees who are primed for long-term growth.

The Counter is an excellent franchise for someone who wants to be part of a growing business that is adaptable to any region. On the brand’s versatility and franchise potential, franchisee Craig Kappai says, “The Counter just needs the right introduction, and with targeted marketing and the right staff, The Counter will be successful. Each state is unique, but that’s what’s so positive about this brand: You can take the concept and adapt it to any region.”


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