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The Growth Coach Is Targeting Northern California for Development to Help Small Businesses Thrive

A booming small-business market and dense population make Northern California a prime expansion opportunity for the leader in group business coaching.

By Paul Mueller1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 05/11/22

Coming off a record year in 2021 in which it doubled its revenue, The Growth Coach aims to ride its current momentum throughout 2022 and beyond. The 65-unit small-business coaching franchise has a goal of establishing a total of 300 franchise locations across 25 countries by 2027. One of the prime markets in which it will target that growth domestically in the short term is Northern California.

“There has been an explosion of small businesses that are supporting the tech industry in Northern California,” said Chris Seman, president of The Growth Coach. “And with the volatility of the tech industry, these businesses need guidance. The population density in that market creates an opportunity for us to get a lot of coaches into one place who can support each other as a coaching community while giving small businesses the tools they need to thrive.”

Founded in Cincinnati in 2003 by Gary Green and Dan Murphy, The Growth Coach believes in collaboration over competition when it comes to small-business coaching. Its group coaching approach and “protected territories” model — in which the brand places coaches in collaborative clusters with defined borders — facilitate this.

“We really have focused all of our energies around group coaching,” said Seman. “It's a much more effective and efficient way to coach. Most coaching is one-on-one. But group coaching allows our small- and medium-sized business clients to get a broader range of expertise and additional peer-to-peer accountability, providing much more value than they would receive with a one-on-one coaching method.”

Seman also said that by placing coaches in protected territories, it allows them to collaboratively nurture their markets and rely on each other to facilitate growth rather than compete — a strategy that lends itself perfectly to the Northern California market.

California has the 11th-largest population density in the nation, much of which is concentrated in Southern California. Seman estimates that the market capacity in Northern California could be anywhere from 20 to 30 coaches who could work together to serve the booming small-business population. It’s currently seeking passionate coaches and consultants to help small- and medium-sized businesses in Northern California thrive. 

“I believe that we can impact small businesses and communities all over the world,” said Seman. “We really see the next two years as an explosive growth opportunity for us. I believe in the product, I believe in our coaches and I really believe we can take away so much of the stress for our clients and make business ownership the enjoyable and rewarding endeavor that it should be.”

About The Growth Coach:

The Growth Coach was founded in Cincinnati in 2003 and is the only pure business and sales coaching franchise aimed at driving success while balancing the lives of small business owners, managers, sales people, self-employed professionals and executives across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries. The Growth Coach specializes in group workshops and individual coaching with the goal of helping clients gain greater focus and leverage to work less, earn more and enjoy more fulfilling lives. The Growth Coach is active in more than 100 markets in the United States and abroad and is always looking to expand domestically and internationally. For more information visit