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There’s a New Next-Day Delivery Player In The Industry And It’s… Best Buy?

The consumer electronics retailer will offer free next-day delivery on a plethora of items. Watch out, Amazon.

Honestly, most of the time holiday shopping is the pits. Waiting in extra-long lines at extra-crowded malls and department stores, only to find what you came there to get is all sold thanks. 

Well, this holiday season, things could be different. According to CNBC, Best Buy announced that it will offer free next-day delivery on thousands of items, including tablets, headphones and even espresso machines. 

According to Best Buy, 99% of customers will be able to receive free next-day delivery and  individuals who live in areas where this service is unavailable will still receive free standard shipping on all items. 

The announcement follows similar ones from Amazon and Walmart earlier this year, CNBC said. 

In April, Amazon announced that it planned to spend $800 million during the second quarter to implement one-day delivery for those with an Amazon Prime membership. Then, in June, the e-commerce brand officially rolled out free one-day shipping on over 10 million products. 

Walmart wanted to get in on the action and, in May, announced free next-day shipping on all orders of $35 or more. 

Fortunately, for Best Buy shoppers, no minimum purchase amount is required. This is probably due, in part, to wanting to contend with Amazon’s massive market dominance, although the free next-day shipping excludes big-screen TVs and refrigerators. (This could turn around to bite them in the you know what, but, only time will tell.)

Maybe Best Buy will launch its own beverage alcohol line, just like Amazon did, to further establish itself in the delivery space. 

This writer is here for it, but only if her G&T is served by someone dressed in a blue polo and khakis.