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Threshold Brands’ Franchise Discovery Process Emphasizes the Right Fit, Not Just Selling

Making a big decision while under pressure is difficult. That’s why Threshold Brands has built a franchise discovery process that empowers prospective franchisees to make the right decision for them.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 6:18PM 10/20/22

Threshold Brands, the multi-brand home services franchisor with over 500 units nationwide, has built a strong network of franchisees building a future they love through business ownership. Though there are plenty of reasons for this that have been sprinkled throughout the Threshold Brands process and larger business model, a strong foundation plays a vital role in the symbiosis of the network.

“We’ve been incredibly intentional in designing the franchise discovery process for Threshold Brands franchises,” explained R. Scott Sutton, chief growth officer. “We understand that people go into business for various reasons, and we want to facilitate the best matches. It is important that each brand is matched with the most qualified franchisees, but we also want to make sure that a franchisee has the information they need to choose the investment opportunity that best aligns with their lifestyle and long-term goals.”

Naturally, the very first step of the franchise discovery process is finding the right fit. Threshold Brands’ franchise development managers walk candidates through the process, but they must learn about the prospective franchisee first. Because each concept has its own unique perks and quirks, franchise development managers make a note of candidates’ priorities and motives for buying before suggesting potential best fits.

Then come territory discussions and the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Once the candidate has chosen the business model that meshes well with their lifestyle and goals, they begin to review available territory options. The franchise development managers walk candidates through which territories or markets are available within a target area. 

Shortly after this discussion, prospects receive a copy of the FDD. This document contains all of the information a prospective franchisee will need to know to be fully informed about the operations, financials and other facts of the franchise. Having all of this compiled into a single document helps prospects fully understand how the franchise works and exactly what they will be committing to.

Once technicalities are taken care of, candidates have the opportunity to contact existing franchise owners through the validation process. This is one of the most important parts of the process because it allows prospective franchisees to get more detailed information from experienced owners about starting and opening a business to make a more informed decision. 

Looking at available territories and disclosure documents is important, but the transparent conversations between franchisees and prospects are also incredibly valuable. Some things can’t be accounted for in an FDD, and this step creates space for candidates to discover the more specific aspects of business ownership.

Only after all of these steps have been completed will a prospective franchisee attend Decision Day.

“What many franchisors refer to as Discovery Day is what we call Decision Day. It sounds slightly different, but our approach is also different,” Sutton explained. “We work very hard with our prospects to ensure they have the data and access to internal resources and existing franchisees to investigate and understand the brand at a very deep level. When they come to Decision Day, we know they’ve already spent a lot of time researching, learning and understanding, and it’s now time to finalize things.”

While the last step of the franchise discovery process has a bit more of a definitive name, prospective franchisees are not forced to make a decision before they leave Decision Day. However, Threshold Brands’ construction of this day is done strategically, reminding prospective franchisees that they have been empowered with all the information they need and can be confident in their decision.


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