Top 25 Stories on 1851 in 2015
Top 25 Stories on 1851 in 2015

Take a look back as we count down the most read topics of the year.

There has been no shortage of compelling stories in 2015, especially in the world of franchising. As the go-to source for franchise information, 1851 shared news and information regarding some of the biggest moments in the industry. Now, as 2015 comes to a close, we take a look back at the year’s 25 most popular stories.

*Page reads as of Dec. 1, 2015
25) There's something for everyone in franchising. Discover which of these emerging brands may be right for you - 10 Emerging Brands to Watch (3,178)
24) Overtime pay increase leads to valid concerns for business owners - LaCrosse Tribune: Protesters Few but Vocal; Critics Still Abound (3,202)
23) Nick Powills weighs in on the power of taking action - The Best People in Business are Simply Those that Do (3,256)
22) The Pope's U.S. visit wasn't kind to local businesses - Pope's Visit Not a Miracle for Restaurants (3,269)
21) Holiday Inn finds common ground for all travelers - Holiday Inn's Redesign Creates Flexibility for Guests (3,327)
19) No bones about it, Buffalo Wings & Rings wants to dip into the Chicago market - Buffalo Wings & Rings makes Chicago Expansion a Top Priority (3,477)
18) Home-service concepts are a hit with these four brands - Home Franchise Brands Winning with Lower Investment (3,500)
17) It takes money to make money, and these brands are worth every dollar - 10 Franchise Investments Over $1 Million (3,534)
16) The internet has changed the way business market their product, and these five brands know what's up - 5 Low-Cost Franchises That Nail Social Media (3,711)
15) Everyone likes a good success story, and this franchise owner is a good example - Franchisee Success: How Darren Anthony became successful with Lenny’s Sub Shop (3,719)
14) PIRTEK's innovative service is a one-of-a-kind money maker - The Hidden Millions in Hoses (3,744)
13) Discover some of the most affordable restaurants in franchising - 10 Low-Cost Restaurant Franchises to Buy (4,089)
12) Naked Chicken looks to stay ahead of trends - You Are What You Eat: Identifying Healthy Options with Naked Chicken (4,168)
11) Commercial cleaning is cleaning up the industry - How Jan-Pro Won the Scalability War (4,234)
10) Did McDonald's have an impact on the cost of eggs? - McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Could Send Egg Prices Even Higher (4,622)
9) The better-breakfast brand is on the move - Famous Toastery Spreads Out in N.C. (5,100)
8) Jersey Mike's celebrates 1,000 stores - Jersey Mike’s Celebrates Milestone (5,108)
7) What was trending going into the second half 2015? - Hottest Franchise Segments for Second Half of Year (5,394)
6) Big meals may be taboo for younger generations - Snacks Instead of Meals Could Win Over Millennials (5,450)
5) How did the egg shortage impact restaurants? - Fast Casual: Egg Shortage 2015: How is Your Restaurant Coping? (6,136)
4) Has the McMuffin torn the famous burger brand apart? - McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Getting Mixed Reviews (6,697)
3) Right at Home earns recognition for innovation - Right at Home International Receives Presidential Award for Export Success (8,506)
2) No shirt, no shoes, no cameras - Starbucks War Continues: No Cameras Allowed (9,454)