Top Beauty, Wellness and Salon Franchises Under 50 Units
Top Beauty, Wellness and Salon Franchises Under 50 Units

These companies are building up a faithful following.

Americans are prepared to spend a lot of money when it comes to their looks, and it’s not just about the ladies.

For this reason, franchises in the beauty and wellness spaces are well-positioned to serve a variety of customers.

According to a 2017 Groupon survey that looked at the beauty spending habits of 2,000 men and women, men in the United States will spend an average of $2,928 a year on their looks, while women will spend an average of $3,756 a year. That comes out to $225,360 total in a lifetime for women, and $175,000 total in a lifetime for men, according to the survey.

The survey also found that men are more likely to spend their money on items such as shaving products, gym memberships and facial moisturizers, while women spend more money on services such as haircuts, manicures, pedicures and facials.

Here are 10 emerging beauty, wellness and salon brands that currently have less than 50 units.

Flirty Girl Lash Studio

Unit count: 4

Investment range: $147,424 - $259,950

This brand started in 2012 and promises customers a professional and affordable lash and eyebrow experience. Flirty Girl Lash Studio’s “Look Book” contains different types of eyelash look offerings, including the Shy Girl look and the Queen Bee look. The brand also offers teen lashes for girls ages 14 to 17 and provides lash and eyebrow services for men. The ideal franchisee partner has excellent management skills, is committed to providing solid customer service and creates a fun and welcoming environment for customers and staff members. Veterans get a discount on the franchise fee, and multi-unit opportunities are available. Marketing support for franchisees includes social media and promotional materials.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Unit count: 6

Investment range: $145,450 - $338,400

Nail salon chain Frenchies Modern Nail Care offers services for both men and women, priding itself on its salon’s cleanliness. This ethos extends to the products and tools the brand uses - and don’t use. The brand also offers La Petite Services for guests under the age of 10, as well as party-hosting opportunities. Customers can also purchase a series of the same service at a discounted price. Franchisee candidates should be ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit and be committed to providing a clean space. The brand is rapidly expanding, with 10 locations scheduled to open in late 2018.

Idolize Brows and Beauty*

Unit count: 6

Investment range: $95,100 - $227,170

This 1851 Franchise client started in 2009 and touts fast and affordable services. Appointments are not necessary for threading services and walk-ins are welcome at all Idolize Brows and Beauty locations. Services include threading, lash extension, facials and waxing, although availability of male Brazilian waxes varies by location. The brand sells beauty products in its salons, which are located in North Carolina and Virginia. Idolize partners with Benetrends to provide funding options for potential franchisees. The brand began developing through franchising in 2016 and launched its franchise system last year. The initial investment includes the franchise fee and three months of working capital.

Magic Brow

Unit count: 5

Investment range: $87,167 - $167,833

California-based chain Magic Brow started in 2010 and offers threading, facials, waxing and microdermabrasion. Threading, however, is the main moneymaker for this brand. Franchisees can choose from two different models, which determines the services their location will offer. The Basic Service Model only provides threading services, while the Full Service Model provides all of the brand’s services, as well as specialized skin treatments. Magic Brow permits absentee ownership, but the location manager must be approved by the brand. Franchisees are promised the support of a credible brand and will receive training, site selection assistance, point-of-sale training and more.

Marilyn Monroe Spas

Unit count: 8

Investment range: $299,900 - $737,075

The legendary actress is the inspiration behind this particular spa chain, which has locations in hotel and resort spas as well as regular community locations. Services at Marilyn Monroe Spas are available for men and women and vary by location. The range of services includes hair care, massages, manicures and pedicures, makeup and waxing. The brand also offers party and event options and sells skincare products. There are franchise and business conversion opportunities as well as multi-unit and international franchise ownership options. Franchisees who open multiple units and veterans can qualify for discounts on franchise fees. Discounts are also available to existing spas that want to convert to the Marilyn Monroe Spas brand.

Primp and Blow

Unit count: 9

Investment range: $299,845 - $486,914

This blow dry bar brand started in 2010 and offers a variety of beauty services, including makeup and hair extensions. Primp and Blow also offers wedding hair and makeup services. Franchisee benefits include lease negotiation support, construction assistance and marketing support. Franchisees will be provided with top-of-the-line products and equipment, including hair extension products. Ideal candidates are resourceful team players who enjoy managing and leading people. While different locations conform to a specific design, franchisees can still add some personal flair to their individual location. Franchises must be located within a retail shopping area that has high-end brands so as to help with foot traffic.

Sirius Day Spa

Unit count: 3

Investment range: $477,950 - $698,750

This spa offers a mix of standard and higher-end services that range from massages and facials to diamond microdermabrasion and resurfacing micro-peels. First-time customers of Sirius Day Spa can get an introductory discount on either a single service or two services and choose from a shortened list of services. The company’s chairman emeritus is John Leonesio, who started the Massage Envy brand. Benefits for franchisees include multiple revenue streams and simple membership sale. The company is looking for both franchisees and regional developers. Franchisees should have a high business acumen and management skills and be open to managing a variety of spa professionals, from massage therapists to cosmetologists.  

Sugaring NYC

Unit count: 7

Investment range: $118,650 - $200,600

Instead of regular waxing, this chain offers sugaring, an alternative method of getting rid of unwanted body hair. To clarify: They don’t use painful strips. Sugaring NYC services include body and face sugaring, facial treatments and eyebrow microblading, with all of its services extended to men as well. The brand also sells a line of sugaring products and has locations in New York, Florida, Boston and Chicago. Sugaring NYC promises an ROI in less than one year to potential franchisees, as well as a relatively low franchise fee. Franchisees will receive extensive training, ongoing support and life coaching, among other benefits.

The Lash Lounge

Unit count: 36

Investment range: $148,000 - $298,000

This Texas-based beauty brand with locations throughout the United States offers customized eyelash extensions and aims to bring branded consistency to the eyelash extension market. The Lash Lounge also does brow extensions, tinting and threading and permanent makeup. Customers can opt to become a VIP member and receive discounts on monthly services. The brand is rapidly expanding and has several locations opening soon. Benefits for franchisees include a simple franchise operating model with low inventory and low staff needs, and a market of customers that crosses generational lines. The company partners with the Franworth incubation group to help with its expansion.

The Salt Suite

Unit count: 5

Investment range: $147,000 - $307,000

This Florida-based chain touts salt therapy, which is also known as halotherapy, as a way to prevent people from getting sick and improve lung function. Among other benefits, salt therapy aims to help people with lung-related ailments such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. The Salt Suite recreates the microclimate of a salt cave, according to its website. The brand’s services are available to both adults and children. Franchisees receive large, exclusive territories, training and ongoing operations support, among other benefits. Franchisees do not need to have experience in salt therapy, but spa and wellness experience is considered a benefit.

*Brands marked with an asterisk are clients of 1851 Franchise or No Limit Agency.