1851 on the Road: Scott Gittrich of Toppers Pizza
1851 on the Road: Scott Gittrich of Toppers Pizza

1851 Publisher Nick Powills spoke with Toppers Pizza Founder and President Scott Gittrich to learn more about what’s fueling his brand.

Brands don’t sell brands—people do.

That’s why, at 1851, we believe it’s important to dive a little deeper. Who are the people and the stories behind the brands we love? 1851 Publisher Nick Powills recently spoke with Scott Gittrich, the president and founder of Toppers Pizza, to learn what’s driving him and his brand forward. And for this trend-setting pizza brand, it all starts with an unparalleled culture, genuine passion and a belief that better pizza really can change the world.

“It has taken us 25 years to get to where we are today, and that’s because we put an emphasis on building a ridiculously strong foundation. I like working with people who work hard to learn and to get better on a daily basis. And they’re hungry—hungry and willing to try and try again, make mistakes and keep moving forward,” Gittrich said.