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Multi-Unit Franchisee Continues to Grow with Toppers by Opening New Store in Fort Mill

With another location expected to open its doors for business in January, Bill Stayduhar proves that the pizza brand’s proven model is working.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 9:09AM 01/17/17

When Toppers Pizza first opened its doors for business, it set out on a mission to disrupt the pizza industry. No longer would consumers have to settle for low quality ingredients or slow delivery times from the big chains—the brand redefined what it means to provide customers with the best possible pies and service. Today, 25 years later, it’s clear that Toppers’ original mission has made a lasting mark.

The Midwest-based chain is consistently experiencing success in communities across the country. Franchisees are signing on to develop the brand at rapid rates—once they discover what Toppers has to offer, they can’t wait to bring its unique concept to their hometowns.

One of those franchisees is Bill Stayduhar. He first joined the brand back in 1997 after noticing the difference in Toppers’ menu and model. So he decided to pursue multi-unit ownership—Stayduhar launched two locations in North Carolina. Now, backed by Toppers’ impressive momentum heading into 2017, he’s continuing to grow with the brand. Together with his business partners, Stayduhar signed on to open six more locations. Two of those are already taking off—not only did they open a new location in Fort Mill, South Carolina in October, they’re also gearing up for the grand opening of a Ballantyne, North Carolina store in January.

“We signed on to open six more locations because we realized that there’s never been a better time to grow with the Toppers brand. Performance at my existing stores is at an all-time high—2016 is our third year in a row for record sales,” said Stayduhar. “Expanding my reach as a franchisee is now giving me the opportunity to boost the success that I’m already seeing with Toppers. There’s nothing else out there that can compete with the brand’s concept, and customers are catching on.”

Toppers’ new Fort Mill location is rapidly becoming an integral part of its community. And with another location set to open in the Charlotte area at the beginning of the new year, the brand has solidified its position as a fan favorite pizza brand across the Carolinas. That’s something Toppers hopes to further in 2017—the brand is actively targeting the region for development.

“Toppers may have started in the Midwest, but this year has proven that our franchise model works anywhere. Multi-unit franchisees like Bill continue to be the driving force ultimately moving our brand forward. That’s why we’re excited to welcome more owners into our system over the course of the next year,” said Mark Cairns, director of franchise development at Toppers. “Between our passionate owners and strong support system, we’re 100 percent confident that 2017 will be another record breaking year for the Toppers brand.”

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