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QSR: Expanding Toppers Pizza Rolls Out New Design
QSR: Expanding Toppers Pizza Rolls Out New Design
As more customers move away from delivery, Toppers takes steps to showcase its retail locations.

Toppers has plans to roll out a new store design, which features an open kitchen allowing customers to see the brand’s customizable pizzas being created. According to Toppers chief development officer David Biederman, about 30 to 40 percent of Toppers customers are coming into the locations, rather than opting for delivery. This is a huge increase for the brand in relation to customer ordering habits from the past few years.

“The inspiration was our customers and the changes we’re seeing in our business. Back in the day, the pizza business was [about] 80 to 90 percent delivery; these days we have a far larger percentage of our customers are either ordering online or calling in and coming in and picking it up,” says Biederman. “With our customers coming in, it gives us a great opportunity to showcase what we do and we’re very proud of our pizza. We make our dough fresh every day; we hand chop our vegetables, and we use real Wisconsin cheese.”

Biederman says many of the Toppers’ 76 existing locations will showcase the new design, and the brand’s nearly 15 locations opening in 2017 will all include the new store design.

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