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Toppers Pizza Introduces New Vice President of Information Technology to Bring Better-Pizza into the Future

Backed by a Superior Product and Quick Delivery, Tony Ellis Will Guide the Brand into the Next Generation of Technology

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SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 09/09/16

Boldly positioned on every pizza box that lands in the hands of hungry customers, Toppers Pizza’s rallying cry says it all: “Never Settle.”

It might seem like a simple phrase, but it carries huge meaning. “Never Settle” serves as the guiding mantra for everything Toppers does. From the food and customer service to delivery and technology, it’s about being the very best at what they do – and that’s leading the better-pizza category. Now, as Toppers continues to embark on a quest to gain the upper hand in a competitive industry, the brand is proud to announce the recent hire of Tony Ellis, Toppers’ first-ever Vice President of Information Technology. As a key member of the leadership team, his job is to take the brand’s overall technology strategy, innovation and execution to the next level.

“My job is to make sure technology is a support system for our brand—not something that will slow us down. We want to continue focusing on what we’re really good at and what sets us apart from other pizza brands. By introducing better, faster and more streamlined technology to our system, we’ll be able to grow at a quicker rate than ever before,” Ellis said.

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