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Home Health Care News Interviews TruBlue Total House Care President Sean Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald discusses the necessary rural in-home healthcare services for seniors and the extraordinary challenges that come from both location and physical restrictions.

By Gabrielle GianinoContributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 06/14/22

In a recent interview with Home Health Care NewsSean FitzgeraldTruBlue Total House Care President, shared insight on how the senior-focused home repair brand helps seniors in rural areas by making their homes more accessible and safer through home modifications, accessible transportation and even collaborations with other service agencies.

According to the article, when falls occur in the home, it is often due to the home not being set up for seniors to age in place. In fact, the home’s quality and the surrounding environment takes priority over any other factor in these cases. The environment can also bring the simple, yet difficult challenge of transportation. Fitzgerald believes this is actually one of the leading challenges for seniors in rural areas. However, despite TruBlue being a home-based care service company, Fitzgerald believes the organization can help with these challenges. He also thinks a true impact can be made on seniors living in rural areas through collaboration with other service agencies.

“Aging in place is like a stool,” Fitzgerald said. “One leg is going to be the environment, one leg is going to be medical — where the home care agencies come in — and the other piece of it is going to be the monitoring security side of things. Having agencies partner with companies with these core competencies and aligning with them will help solve these challenges.”

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