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TruBlue Franchise Co-Owner Shares Advice on How to Keep Seniors Safe in Winter Weather

The franchise brand, which focuses on handyman services for the elderly and busy families, recommends frequently checking in on your loved ones during the colder months.

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:09AM 02/13/23

TruBlue Total House Care, the home maintenance and handyman service provider for seniors with 80-plus units, is offering some valuable information on keeping the elderly safe during the cold winter months.

Co-owner Glenda Kniss recently spoke to Michigan’s Flint Courier News about things readers should be on the lookout for so that they can protect their loved ones from threats posed by inclement weather. Kniss says in the wintertime, those over the age of 65 are more at risk of experiencing everything from slips and falls to dehydration and heart, kidney and liver damage.

“As you get older, you don’t realize you’re getting older,” Kniss said. “You really think you can do those things that you really shouldn’t be doing.”

Something else to consider, Kniss says, is home maintenance. The cold can create serious problems for infrastructure, so she suggests frequently checking doors, windows and pipes for any potential damage. She emphasized that it’s important to keep in touch with your elderly loved ones and consistently make sure they’re staying safe and secure.

You can check out her entire interview by clicking here

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