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TruBlue Total House Care’s Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe and Efficient

TruBlue Total House Care is offering a number of strategies to help keep your home maintained and safe in the New Year.

By Jeff DwyerStaff Writer
SPONSORED 5:17PM 02/11/23

TruBlue Total House Care, the home maintenance franchise with more than 80 units, is offering some tips all homeowners should keep in mind in order to keep your home safe and efficient throughout 2023.

A franchise representative recently spoke to KDVR-TV out of Denver, Colorado, where they provided some do-it-yourself tips to keep your family happy, healthy and safe.

TruBlue recommends starting the new year fresh with a literal clean slate. Take a few moments and clean the areas that you might have neglected for the past few months, and declutter any unwanted items that may have been building up. They say doing this can change the tone of the entire living environment.

The brand also recommends making your home as accessible as possible. Your home should be tailored to whatever works best for you, so buy and customize your home with the items that help make your life easier. And lastly, TruBlue suggests striving for greatness, because making your house the best-looking home in the neighborhood can never hurt first impressions.   

You can read more about their tips by heading to this link.

The initial investment to start a TruBlue Total House Care ranges from $65,050 to $91,400, and interested owners can visit to learn more about franchise opportunities.