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Why Preventative Home Maintenance Matters

There is a hefty cost that comes with neglecting home repairs, which is why a home service ally like a TruBlue franchise can play a vital role in helping homeowners avert potential crises.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 08/09/23

Owning a home is a significant responsibility, and one of the most critical aspects of homeownership is regular maintenance. However, in the hustle and bustle of modern life, the thought of scheduling a routine check or promptly addressing a minor repair may fall by the wayside. This is where TruBlue Home Service Ally, the handyman and home maintenance franchise with over 85 units, comes in, emphasizing the importance of preventative home maintenance to ensure problems are avoided before they happen. 

"TruBlue is more than just a business. We have a true mission. Our mission is to help not only busy families maintain their homes, but seniors who wish to live in their home for as long as possible. It's our way of providing  valuable services to a population that really needs them," said TruBlue franchise owner Dan McMurtry. “Our services range from general repairs to aging-in-place solutions, and we are committed to making homes safer and more comfortable.”

Taking Care of Common Issues 

Issues related to home maintenance seldom arise abruptly. They are typically the culmination of a gradual process of deterioration. A small crack in the wall, a tap that drips slightly, or a door that creaks more than usual — these aren't disasters in their own right. However, if not addressed promptly, they can slowly transform into significant damages.

"Take a leaky tap as an example," said Sean Fitzgerald, TruBlue President. “If left unattended, it can lead to a water damage issue that impacts your wall, flooring and even compromises the structural integrity of your house. The financial burden of rectifying these extensive damages will far outweigh the initial cost of repairing a simple leak.”

TruBlue provides a comprehensive range of home maintenance and handyman services, regardless of the size of the task. From changing the air filter to repairing a broken window, TruBlue is committed to offering continuous assistance and support to homeowners. By staying on top of small, often overlooked home projects, TruBlue franchise owners can help busy homeowners avoid costly repairs or issues in the future. 

The Importance of Regular Checks

Routine inspections and prompt repairs can enhance your home's energy efficiency, ensuring a cozy living space while managing utility expenses effectively. Neglecting this can put undue strain on your heating system, leading to premature system wear and tear, decreased performance or even necessitating a replacement.

"Another crucial aspect to consider is safety, particularly in homes with children or older adults," Fitzgerald noted. “Hazards such as broken tiles, defective wiring or a shaky staircase railing can pose significant risks. The potential cost of an accident caused by these issues far outweighs the expense of addressing the repairs at an early stage.”

TruBlue's recurring service offering, Home Ally Maintenance & VIP, allows seniors and busy families to stay on top of routine maintenance, offering a range of subscription-based services from inspecting the home and completing monthly home improvement projects to scheduling seasonal updates and repairs throughout the year.

Unexpected and Urgent Repair Costs

Overall, preventative home maintenance is about making sure minor issues don’t turn into emergencies that demand immediate (and expensive) attention. This can become particularly challenging if the emergency arises at an inconvenient moment, such as during holiday seasons or late-night hours when emergency service rates are in effect. Consistent maintenance helps circumvent these unexpected expenses and the financial strain they induce, contributing to a more predictable and manageable home upkeep.

"The true cost of neglecting home repairs far exceeds the expense of regular maintenance — both financially and in terms of safety,” Fitzgerald said. “Embrace a proactive approach towards home maintenance with TruBlue, your dedicated Home Service Ally. We're here to ensure your home remains a haven of comfort, safety and lasting value. It's time to invest wisely in your home — because taking care of it today, means saving money and stress tomorrow.”

For prospective franchisees looking to provide this much-needed service to their community, the TruBlue team is eying continued growth in new markets across the country, including Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples, Florida, as well as Houston and DallasTexas.

The total investment estimate for a TruBlue Home Service Ally franchise ranges from $65,050–$91,400. To learn more about franchising with TruBlue, please visit