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How United Water Restoration Group’s Best-in-Class Customer Service Fills a Gap in the Restoration Industry

With its consumer-centric business model, United Water Restoration Group takes its role in helping people get their lives back very seriously.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 5:17PM 10/31/22

Founded in 2007 during one of Florida’s worst hurricane seasons to date, United Water Restoration Group (UWRG) has helped thousands of home and business owners restore the condition of their most valuable assets after a fire, flood or other natural disaster.

UWRG is a 24/7, full-service restoration company specializing in water damage mitigation, mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, reconstruction, sewage, flood, and disaster response while delivering a best-in-class customer experience to residential and commercial customers.

Weather disasters are becoming more frequent and more costly, increasing fivefold during the past 50 years. More than 35% of American homeowners have experienced water damage losses. 

“The American restoration industry is currently at $210 billion, with several factors like increasing severe weather and aging homes pointing to huge demand in the coming years,” said Bob Moore, Vice President of Development & Operations at UWRG. “These events are unfortunate and unavoidable, and we take our role very seriously in helping people get their lives back.” 

With its simple model, high margins and commitment to integrity, honesty and dependability, UWRG has grown to over 82 franchise territories across the United States. 

Customers-First Mentality

UWRG’s dedicated focus on its customers sets it apart from the competition. The brand has a deeply embedded customer-first culture that is intentionally spread throughout the organization at all levels.

“Our owners are incredibly empathetic and always focus on the homeowner or business owner we're serving, even though the insurance company writes the check 90% of the time,” said Moore. “That focus on the property owner and keeping them as informed as possible has been huge for us.”

Notably, UWRG doesn't have a blanket agreement with insurance agencies. When franchise owners go in, they are representing the customer first — without cutting any corners. 

Unmatched Responsiveness

UWRG also prides itself on its level of responsiveness. Help is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

No matter the time of day or night, someone will be on call with a fully stocked van ready to go. From the minute a call is received, a team will be assembled within 15 minutes, and an operation manager will be onsite within the hour.  

“We’re dealing with people’s homes and their businesses,” said Moore. “When our phone rings, people can be frantic because of what has happened. We understand that they need help right away.” 

In addition to immediate response, UWRG offers flexible scheduling for monitoring and adheres to all policies of the certifying agencies.

Investment in Technology 

UWRG is always looking into newer, better software. For example, the franchise uses a job software called PSA to manage the job process. This software is completely paperless, ensuring no documentation is lost by customers. All of the forms that a customer signs are automatically emailed to them and updated in the job file. 

Additionally, UWRG uses a program called Encircle to help streamline critical documentation for all technicians, which also helps customers down the line when dealing with insurance companies.

Much like a ride-share service, such as Uber, customers can also see the truck headed their way and a photo of the technician for peace of mind. 

IICRC-Certified Techs/Owners

Not all restoration businesses use techs certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). However, UWRG exclusively uses IICRC-certified technicians as part of their dedication to integrity, honesty and dependability. This also generates more leads and more complex jobs for franchisees. 

The initial investment to open and begin operation ranges from $159,342 to $441,874. For more information on franchising, visit