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Top Five Reasons To Buy a United Water Restoration Group Franchise in 2024

The leading restoration franchise offers robust training and support in a recession-resistant industry that only continues to grow.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 03/21/24

United Water Restoration Group (UWRG) has proven its strength as a business and franchise opportunity with over 15 years of operations and growth. With 111 territories across the country, the restoration and reconstruction franchise provides high-quality service to support homeowners and business owners in restoring their properties to pre-loss condition. Now, as the brand looks to expand in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Kansas City, Indianapolis and California, there has never been a better time to join the system.

Here are five reasons why UWRG offers a strong franchise opportunity in 2024.

A Recession-Resistant Business Provides Franchise Owners With Additional Security

Because UWRG provides emergency services, franchise owners can rest assured that economic fluctuations will not have a major impact on the trajectory of their business. Unlike luxury products and services, consumers are far less likely to sacrifice restoration and reconstruction services, even when the economy is uncertain.

“The emergency services sector doesn’t care what the economy is doing,” explained Bob Moore, president of UWRG. “No matter what interest rates are doing or anything like that, there are going to be accidents, and they need to be taken care of.” 

The UWRG Model Is Based on Real Need, Not Fads or Trends

Disasters happen, and the repercussions of ignoring the consequences are clear and proven. UWRG addresses challenges that are known to occur, and it does so with well-established methods.

As the consumer landscape shifts, many businesses find themselves chasing the next trend to drive demand or avoid being pushed out by artificial intelligence and other innovations. There is no room for this in the restoration and reconstruction space.

“This is a need-based business. It’s not a fad,” said Moore. “As long as there are buildings and homes, there will be accidents that will need to be taken care of. And when that happens, we can send our people and equipment out to the job. We’re not getting replaced by AI. There’s a lot of security in that sense.”

Franchise Owners Are Supported by a Leadership Team That Is Still Actively Involved in the Industry

UWRG is not in the business just to sell franchises. The system still includes nine corporate locations owned by the original founders. The UWRG leadership team is experiencing the industry day in and day out alongside franchise owners, and the entire system approaches business collaboratively.

“The leadership team knows what our franchise owners are up against every day because they’ve run restoration businesses or worked in our corporate business as well,” said Moore. “We strive to continuously learn, and we pass that information onto our franchisees and vice versa. Being in the business, not just selling franchises, is very, very helpful for us.”

By staying involved with the business and helping owners stay on top of changes in the industry, the leadership team can provide proactive support. This, in turn, helps streamline the franchise system's success by creating a unified strategy.

Low Startup Costs Make the Opportunity Accessible and Scalable

The UWRG model is far more accessible than many other concepts. Unlike a restaurant business, for example, UWRG franchise owners do not need millions of dollars and a plot of land to get started. However, because the business is both recession-resistant and needs-based, there is still an attractive potential for revenue.

“You can generate pretty significant revenue with pretty low startup capital,” said Moore. “I used to work for a major coffee franchise, and if I wanted to open a freestanding location, I was looking at a couple of million dollars. Our franchise owners can get their first territory started with under $200,000.” 

This is valuable information for franchise owners who plan to scale in the future, as well. With other franchise models, additional growth requires another major investment or location. With UWRG, this is not the case. Oftentimes, a franchise owner can expand their territory count and continue to serve their customers out of a single brick-and-mortar office.

UWRG also offers a clear roadmap for when a franchise owner should consider this growth and what the next step is for each stage along the way.

“We have a model of how and when to scale,” said Moore. “As long as you’re able to make the phone ring and bring business in, we have a plan that shows you when to start operating with the next truck and when to hire more team members.”

With the Frequency of Natural Disasters Increasing, the Need for UWRG’s Services Only Continues To Climb

Natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent, and they continue to cause extensive damage to homes and businesses. According to Forbes, there were 18 climate disasters that caused a total of $175.2 billion in damage in 2022. 

Over one-third of homeowners are concerned about potential home damage due to natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides and floods), and over 40% are concerned that weather events (wind, rain, ice, hail or minor floods) may cause damage in the next three months.

While homeowners are clearly aware of the risk, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the effects of all disasters and extreme weather. With floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornados and other severe storms occurring across the nation, many homeowners will need restoration or reconstruction services at some point in the near future.

“It’s hard to turn on the TV or look at social media without seeing some sort of disaster,” added Moore. “There has been horrible flooding in Vermont and Maine, and there are tons of people with frozen pipes, especially as the freeze has reached into parts of the country where they’re not used to having sub-freezing temperatures. It’s an issue, and it’s been keeping our franchise owners and corporate locations busy.”

As UWRG continues to grow its footprint nationwide, it offers an attractive investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into the restoration and reconstruction industry. 

“Helping people recover their most valuable assets and get back to normal life after a disaster is an essential community service, and UWRG has been a dominant force in the restoration industry for the last 16 years,” said Moore.

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