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Why United Water Restoration Group Pairs Perfectly With This New York Franchisee’s Plumbing Business

Phil DePaul, a UWRG franchisee in Long Island, has diversified his portfolio and strengthened his business by offering both plumbing and restoration services.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 03/21/24

United Water Restoration Group (UWRG), the leading restoration and reconstruction franchise with 111 units nationwide, has proven its strength as an opportunity for plumbing professionals looking to diversify their portfolios. While UWRG teams can address mold and fire damage, the vast majority of service calls involve water-related issues. Plumbing professionals who add a UWRG franchise to their lineup can expand their service offerings and capture even more revenue by addressing customers’ needs from start to finish.

“Whether it be a pipe busting or something clogging, often a plumber is the first one to get a call to figure out what went wrong and what needs to be fixed. But once they’re done, they don’t do any of the cleanup or restoration,” explained Bob Moore, president of UWRG. “An entrepreneur who already leads a plumbing team is the perfect partner for us. In these situations, they can then hand off the project to their UWRG team to restore the structure to its proper form.”

Moore emphasized that UWRG works to partner with business owners who already share the values emphasized by the brand. Owners who are already dedicated to taking great care of their customers can easily take on the UWRG model, adding another lucrative arm to their business while growing with another team of like-minded people.

In addition to a natural logistical fit, UWRG offers plumbing professionals a proven model developed by people who have been able to strike the same balance in their own entrepreneurship.

“Our founders also own a plumbing company, so they understand the dynamic of those two businesses working together,” said Moore. “We offer a fast ramp to becoming an expert in the industry; we know that there’s a learning curve, and by joining a company like ours, people can avoid a lot of the pitfalls and mistakes that we’ve made and learned from over the years. And the proven, refined system can speed up their ability to scale their business.”

Phil DePaul, a successful UWRG owner in Long Island, New York, illustrates how two businesses can successfully come together to build an even more powerful portfolio.

“We’ve seen how the synergy between the two entities has grown,” said DePaul. “When there are leaks behind walls and ceilings or even in floors and foundations, there’s a level of demolition that needs to happen, and plumbers typically don’t do that with much finesse. Restoration includes a lot more finesse in deploying those measures and techniques, and someone who’s willing to add on that skill set has an opportunity to solve more problems in a linear fashion.”

An entrepreneur who leads both a plumbing team and a UWRG team can provide start-to-finish service to customers by drawing on the skills of both teams. For example, if a customer calls with a clogged waste line, the plumbing team can address the clog and the UWRG team can work to resolve the secondary damage caused by any overflow. There is a direct pathway for business owners to provide more value to their customers and, consequently, create more value in the businesses.

“The emergency services aspect of restoration really shines because we have both sides ready to respond and resolve these issues as they arise,” said DePaul. “When you create a positive experience solving one issue, and the customer already knows and trusts you, you can have that ‘double whammy’ effect where the customer thinks, ‘Oh, wow! I feel so taken care of. I had these issues, and this organization got their arms around me in a way that made it easy for me to navigate a tricky situation.’ There’s absolutely a synergy between plumbing concepts and UWRG.”

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