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USA Today: McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast—Is The Thrill Wearing Off?

The novelty of all-day breakfast is showing signs of slowing down.

McDonald’s recently posted a net income of $1.9 billion in the fourth quarter, which is down one percent from a year earlier.

Over the past couple years, McDonald’s took fast-food rivals by surprise by expanding availability of its breakfast items to all day, which paid off with an initial earnings boost that extended into several quarters.

But now, it’s clear that the one-time surge in revenue is just that: a one-time thing. Now, CEO Steve Easterbrook is on the hunt for a new avenue for growth.

"These changes were supposed to drive a steady and sustainable uplift in spending rather than a one-off spike in sales, but it is increasingly clear that this strategy is not delivering through," Easterbrook said.

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