VentureBeat: Instagram Is Making Its Ads More Visible and Interactive
VentureBeat: Instagram Is Making Its Ads More Visible and Interactive

Instagram gives advertisers more visibility with new ads.

Instagram announced yesterday that ads will start
to look a different on the platform to be more interactive for users, according
to a recent VentureBeat article.

When a user looks at an ad now for at least four seconds or clicks on the profile, a blue highlighted call-to-action will appear underneath the video or photo ad they are viewing. The call-to-action will not only show up below the advertiser’s profile, but also in the ad’s comments. To add to the increased visibility for ads, URLs, prices, and app store ratings will show in the call-to-action button as well.
Another change that will affect Instagram ad strategy for businesses, is that when a user unmutes a video link ad, they will be directed to a destination URL as the video ad continues to play at the top of their screen.
“Now people can explore, browse and take action on a landing page while continuing to watch the video. People can also go to full screen or dismiss the video player if they prefer to browse the web page,” Instagram said in a blog post.
Facebook is continuing to make changes to ads and trying to please advertisers since advertising is a main source of income for the social network. Ads will start to become more noticeable for users so that business running these ads will want to spend more money on the platform.
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