Ways to Market Your Innovative Product
Ways to Market Your Innovative Product

Capitalize on your product and make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Think you have a cutting-edge product? Been meaning to bring that ingenious invention to life? Have a million-dollar idea? Then it’s time to consider how to market your innovative product. Here are five tips to get started.

Know your target. To make the most of your marketing efforts, it’s important to know exactly who you are trying to sell your product to. This segment will not only shape your entire campaign, but it will also help determine where advertising money should go. If you know who your customer is and how they spend their time and money, it becomes very easy to target them through advertisements and Facebook newsfeeds.

Start early. Don’t wait until you’re ready to launch your new product to start promoting it. Bring a PR Agency into the conversation from the very start. On top of writing a standard press release, they can help devise a strategy and reach out to crucial media contacts, setting up stories that will be published alongside your product launch. Don’t have a PR Agency? I know a great one

Make your product available to influencers. This is an especially important one. Scour the Internet for any blogs, Twitters and Instagram accounts that could get your new product in front of your target customer. Reach out to these key promoters early so they have an adequate amount of time to review the product. Some of these influencers do charge a fee, but if their following is large enough, it could reap a huge return.

Utilize social media platforms. Social media is still an effective way to reach customers, even if it’s starting to cost more money. Contests are a great way to extend your page’s organic reach and generate excitement for a new product. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be a great way to tease out a new product. You can begin by doling out sneak previews of the product, piquing the public’s interest.

Make sure it’s easy to find. Once the new product is launched, make sure your customer can actually find it! Change over all Social Media cover photos, website slider images, in-store graphics. If a potential customer hears about your great new product and then can’t easily find more information about it they’re going to move on to the next new thing.