We’ve Hit Peak Internet: Tebow Pretzel Has Own Parody Account
We’ve Hit Peak Internet: Tebow Pretzel Has Own Parody Account

Philly Pretzel Factory’s Tebowing treat gets a life of its own.

Today’s corporate movers and shakers are obsessed with going viral. In fact, you’d probably hear the word “viral” enough times at a franchise convention to think you’d stumbled into a conference for STD doctors.

But what does it really mean to go viral?

Is there a magical number of times something is shared on Facebook or Twitter before it officially becomes viral? Is it when traditional demographic barriers are knocked down and people are all talking about the same thing?

How about this for a benchmark: Something has not truly gone viral until it’s inspired a parody Twitter account. While that may narrow down the field quite a bit, Philly Pretzel Factory would still make the cut. Or, more specifically, the brand’s Tebowing pretzel would.

After a Twitter pic of a Philly Pretzel Factory pretzel shaped into an image of Tebow bowed on one knee (the signature move that helped people love and hate the new Philadelphia Eagles signee in equal measure) was sent out into the cold, dark space of the Internet, it quickly spread like wildfire across both social and traditional media outlets.

Shared by Sports Illustrated and ESPN? Check. Talked about on CBS Sports and The Today Show? Check. But the pièce de résistance has to be @tebowspretzel. You know something’s gone viral when an average citizen decides to spend the time and energy it takes to create and operate a social media profile in honor of what ultimately boils down to a brand mascot.

The Tebow pretzel joins the ranks of Pharrell’s hat, Lord Voldemort and a host of other parody Twitter accounts people can’t seem to get enough of. Philly Pretzel Factory’s picture has officially taken on a life of its own. Now that is going viral.