Weekly Web Roundup
Weekly Web Roundup

1851 Franchise staffers share links that intrigue, shock and entertain them.

It’s been a long, strange trip. The door is about to close on 2015 and 2016 is about to grace us with its presence. 1851 Franchise staffers are in the holiday spirit and have shared some links about New Year’s Eve. But don’t worry; we still have other entertaining links to go along with the holiday themed ones.
Now that Instagram and even Facebook allow us to think we are the Ansel Adams, that doesn’t mean we still can’t learn a little about taking photographs. Mashable offered a few tips on how to take some better pictures in the New Year. – Matt Diaz
As the calendar rolls over into January we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. Go to that spin class you have been putting off, eat better at dinner time, finally return that RedBox DVD; all things that will make us feel good. But when it comes to improving your professional life, Forbes offered a few tips to utilize in the coming year. – Lauren Moorman

By a show of hands, who reads the user agreement after a new version of iTunes downloads? No hands are up? That‘s no surprise—people will mostly bypass these rules in favor of listening to their favorite jams. But never fear, Steve Jobs is here (posthumously, of course) to explain it all! Slate profiles iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel, a story about Jobs in comic form explaining everything you need to know about the rules and regulations Apple lines out. – Andi Summers

New Years Eve plans may consist of getting all fancy and heading to a fancy dinner or party. The tabs for these holiday extravaganzas can run pretty expensive, but you should expect that from a Michelin-starred restaurant or fancy club, but would you consider that for Olive Garden? The Olive Garden in Times Square may think highly of itself as it is charging customers $400 to ringing in the New Year at the restaurant. – Ahmad Yilmaz

Sometimes a movie’s soundtrack will outlive the cultural footprint of the movie it was released with. Rolling Stone counted down the best soundtracks from otherwise forgetful movies. Be wary your nostalgia filter may break when recounting the movies. – Brian Jaeger

No one, maybe outside of the pizza rat, dominated the pop culture discussion more than Donald Trump. The unabashed possible presidential candidate has said things that have rubbed people the wrong way and Google is trying to alleviate the situation. A new Google Chrome extension will allow users to remove most of the mentions of Trump while searching the Internet. – Ryan Paul